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#3405685 Diet Is The Cure For Acne.....rofl

Posted by IDK111 on 05 January 2014 - 08:04 AM


i generally don't agree with the op here, but for the sake of the forum let me try to help this topic:


if acne is a food allergy, or unhealthy eating, then why does it manifests itself only when puberty begins?

and why in the most cases of eradicating it, the answer is a hormonal med?

how come after bc pills you're not "gluten intollerant" anymore, etc?


Hey, don't forget about adult acne.  sad.png

My acne didn't get severe until I hit 21.  But there are people in later ages who develop acne (30s, 40s..).  My aunt who is 58 still has cystic acne on her cheeks. 

then wait till you get 27, then u'll see how severe your acne will get. i assume balding starts in the twenties, so that's my explanation. also your aunt may compete with her bridegroom regarding testosteron. lol sorry for the sarcasm



I do not suffer from acne anymore because of diet changes.  I feel like if I listened to people like you... I would just wait and wait til I'm pushed to go on Accutane and have my face full of scars.  It is people like alternativista that gave me hope, and to not go by mainstream ideas.  I am done here.

#3390693 Medications Causing Deficiencies

Posted by IDK111 on 25 October 2013 - 09:10 PM

I will not go into detail, but I have personally experienced this.  I was on Spironolactone for 1 month and it affected my body.  Still experienced symptoms almost 6 years later.  Got it fixed by supplementing the nutrients it depletes (iron).  It also depletes folic acid, but I just found this out so I'm going to start supplementing.


But doctors are prescribing medications left and right without thinking how much harm it does to the body.  FYI I have always taken a multivitamin.  So I'm really surprised...  But I don't remember taking multivitamin with iron?  Also, b12 is better absborbed as methyl while most multis are cobyl...   Same with folic acid.  Better to use folate.  There is a gene mutation that MANY people have where they can not process these nutrients that are commonly fortiying our foods.  Methylation is used to DETOX the body!  look it up.  The gene mutation is MTHFR.  No, ... i'm not calling you a muthaf*cka... loool


But other examples are ... biotin deficiency from antibiotics... Many websites will say biotin deficiency is rare.  Are they kidding me?  It is not!!!  They assume biotin deficiency is rare because our good bacteria is supposed to make it.  But with all of the drugs today that kill those bacteria,....  biotin deficiency is common!!! b12 deficiency from metformin.....  folic acid deficiency from birth control....  zinc deficiency....    look up the drugs that you have taken and see what it has depleted in your body.  Might be your answer.

Good luck.

#3361650 Pretty Clear Right Now... ;)

Posted by IDK111 on 26 June 2013 - 04:48 AM


#3361128 Pretty Clear Right Now... ;)

Posted by IDK111 on 24 June 2013 - 04:08 AM

mind me asking if age has to do anything with ur acne?



I have been battling with acne since..........10 or 11.  I know that I was in 5th grade so whatever age that is. lol   It was mostly moderate throughout high school, and it affected my forehead, nose, and the skin beneath my eyes by my nose.  When I turned 19, my acne became cystic and I was offered accutane but never took it.  The cystic acne affects my WHOLE FACE.  Down to my cheeks, neck, jawline... which I never had a problem with in high school so this was all new and scared me.  I am 21 now, and it's basically gone because of diet change.   My dad had cystic acne and his did not go away until he was almost 35!!!!!  He is 50 now and still gets pimples sometimes on his head, neck, back...    My mom never had acne - perfect korean skin and she does absolutely nothing except use some fancy skin care line from estee lauder. 


My acne has been gone since I've been doing this. I'm not sure if my age has anything to do with it.  If you mean that my acne magically cleared up because of my age, then no, this is definately not the case and age has nothing to do with it. lol  Because I do a lot of things, and when I stop for example,.... with diet change (this is easy to test), then I break out horribly again.  As for the supplements, I have been on them for a while, sooooo if I stop, the effect is not immediate.  The first vitamin that cleared up my cystic acne on my cheeks, chin, and jawline was vitamin D.  The iron helps too.  I do believe hereditary has some part to do with it.... but I am able to control it with diet and supplements. 


I'm a female, never been pregnant, never had sex, never been on birth control, ........nothing to mess up with my hormones.  My hormones have been tested and literally, I am PERFECT in the hormone area.  testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone are all extremely normal (read the lab results myself).  Even my thyroid and all was totally normal.  There has been nothing else wrong with me. 

#3360946 Pretty Clear Right Now... ;)

Posted by IDK111 on 23 June 2013 - 02:07 PM

When you say beef are you referring to conventional beef or grass fed beef?


When I am at home eating, I like to buy organic, grass-fed beef.  I just feel it is overall better, and plus cows are ruminants.  They are supposed to be eating grass.  Feeding them something like corn is just... awful . And grass fed beef is much healthier for you (especially with the omega 3/6 ratio of grass vs. conventional).   So again, when I go out to eat, I do not eat meat.  Only rare occasions when I am going out with my korean friends, we will go to a korean restaurant,... or a vietnamese restaurant I will eat meat.  However, it is nothing like a steak.  The meat is in the soup, and it is in very small amounts.  Look up "pho"  or "seul lang tang" to see what I mean.    My mom still buys conventional beef/meat.  So I eat them, but it is not often.  Before changing my diet, I would eat meat AND fake meat 3 times a day, sometimes more.  I eat meat now about.....2 times a week?  If that.  I've gone 2 weeks without eating any meat.  And when I do eat meat for example, I do not eat a whole chicken, or chicken breast.  I will make homemade chicken soup.....   The only time I eat a huge piece of meat is steak. 


I do notice that when I eat conventional beef, I get a few pimples (about 2) around my jaw/cheek area.  However, it was not the main cause of all of my cysts and irritation.  So in summary, I do still eat conventional meat, but very sparingly, and the effect on my acne is not severe.  I would say it is very minor.  Mind you my acne was severe, and I was recommended accutane over and over and over and over again.  So to me, 2 pimples from eating out with my friend (very small pimples that go away in a day or two), do not bother me or concern me.



Again, I avoid eating meat at restaurants when I KNOW that they have put a marinade on it to make it taste like a certain flavor.

I was once pro-paleo,.... but now I am pro-vegan/vegetarian/plant-based diet.  I do not label myself as a pescatarian, or vegan, or vegetarian because I am not one,... since even though I do not have to eat meat for a month, I still eat meat.



good luck!

#3360195 Cured! Posting Again With More Detail.

Posted by IDK111 on 22 June 2013 - 05:16 AM


#3360193 Pretty Clear Right Now... ;)

Posted by IDK111 on 22 June 2013 - 05:12 AM

Hey everyone, I have been M.I.A. for a long time. lol


But I just want to say that I am OFFICIALLY CURED!!!! :)

I am so happy and I wanted to thank everyone here!!!

Just for the record, my first post in this thread DOES NOT WORK for me.  I have been clear for a couple months now and all I have is a few scars which are going away fast. 


I went away for a few months because even though I was eating right, I was still breaking out and I did not know why.  So I just left acne.org to figure out what works for me now that I have heard all of YOUR stories.  I tested everything and told myself I would not come back til I got it right.  I also lost a lot of weight at one point because i was so scared to eat.  I know that most of you can feel me on this. 


Here is what I do not eat:

- Shrimp and lobster (Crustaceans) - these give me CYSTS!!!!!!!!

-Farmed fish - CYSTS!!!!  I buy wild caught halibut and salmon.  Avoid fish like tilapia.  They eat poop! yuck.

-Oranges and grapefruits - CYSTS!  I can eat lemons though.  Weird.

-I limit my meat consumption.  When I go out to eat, I eat like a vegan (no dairy, eggs, meat).  Basically,.... I want my meat to come from a GOOD source.  I also know that most places use some type of marinade.  And this is a no no for me because what the hell do they put in their marinades?  I do not know 

-No corn.  MOST CORN IS GMO!!!!  Please look up GMO if you do not know.  I used to load up on corn at Chipotle but avoid it at all cost.  Avoid the top GMO foods.  I do not have to worry about it because I avoid processed foods.

-No chocolate.

-No sugar

-Fake meat (hot dogs, spam, pre-cooked bacon).


Here is what I DO eat (focus on this):

-Fruits and vegetables

-Lentils and Beans

-Rice, Quinoa, .....gluten free grains.  I do not seem to have a problem with gluten.  If something has wheat in it, I do not freak out because it is usually small amounts...



-Noodles!  (buckwheat,.. brown rice noodles..)

-Nuts (almonds, walnuts)

-Seeds (like.. ermm.. pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds)


Stuff like that.  My diet is mostly plant-based.

If I were to pick which one helped me the most... I would say avoiding sugar, oranges, and shrimp.  The others were just extra.  I did not realize how much sugar was in my food because my korean mom never told me....   There is sugar in a lot of the food she makes, and she uses about a tablespoon of cane sugar (organic).  But still I break out when she uses them to the point where she has CHANGED her cooking for me and taught me how to cook them without sugar.  Please check your foods.  Typical things like tomato sauce has sugar.  i have to go to the organic store to buy one without added sugar (I use EDEN BRAND).  That jar lasts me a good 2-4 times.  




How I wash my face:  I don't. hahahaha... I know this may seem stupid but I just totally gave up when I went this diet route.  I only wash my face in the shower with water.  And then I wash it at night again.  Change your detergent so your towels and pillowcases are not soaking up all that crap, or use tissues to try your face.


The only thing I use on my face is a green clay mask.  I order it off of amazon, it's by FRONTIER.  But any will do.  Just telling you what I use.  I mix it in a bowl and voila! green clay.  WORKS AMAZING.  but it is not the cure.  I use it because I wanted to pamper myself on some days.




Please make sure your supplements are free of crap, GMO, and things like CORN!!!!!!!!!  Also,... please please please make sure you do not buy liquid if it is CITRIC ACID IN IT.  that stuff broke me out like nooooooooooooooooo other.  Did you know it is made from a fungus?!  Because it is too expensive to use lemons/oranges - real citrus?!  Geez.  Please avoid if you have a problem.  Took me a while.  Had to throw out a lot of supps.


Here is what I take:


1)  Vitamin D:  I started off taking 20,000 IU a day for about 2 months?  Now i am on 10,000 IU a day.  The lowest I will go is 5,000 IU.   I use the NOW brand that just has olive oil in it.  ...........But I use the capsules because the liquid has some bad stuff in it like corn.


2) B12 - Thorne research is a good brand.  


3) Iron - I can not stress enough how good iron has been to me.  I use raw iron (vitamin code) by garden of life


4) I take calcium and magnesium supps - I use the one by garden of life (vitamin code) because it is from plant source.. NOT ROCKS AND OYSTERS OR WHATEVER.  It is much easier on your stomach.  This supplement also comes with the vitamin K2 that is great to take with vitamin D so that it puts the calcium into your bones and not your organs where they should not be.


5) Omega 3.  I TAKE KRILL OIL!!!!  Fish do not have the most omega 3.  Krill oil does because the fish eat the krill to get their omega 3.  I take everest nutrition krill oil.  Best one.  I buy it from amazon.





But I will not post them here.

Also... I do have a facebook.....  message me for it.  :)  I do not put up my acne pics on facebook, but you can see my now pics, and i can send my acne pics to you.


I have nothing to gain from this post.

Just wanted to come back to express my thanks, and tell you what worked for me.


I learned most of my recipes online from raw vegans and vegans... And my diet is mostly korean food.   I start my day everyday with fruit and/or green smoothie.  ALWAYS. no exception. 

#3338920 Pretty Clear Right Now... ;)

Posted by IDK111 on 06 April 2013 - 06:27 AM


How long have you been doing this to conclude success?


I'd suggest to stay away from bread and gluten in general, i don't know what you use for "wrap" and "burger" but it implies bread for me


Also excess fruits may add too much sugar to your diet and cause candida overgrowth (if you acne has this cause)


Still on this, aaaand I'm still clear.  it's been a few days now. lost track. lol


For wraps, I'm talking about lettuce wraps.  You use lettuce in stead of bread.  Also, I make my own quinoa tortillas (salt, quinoa flour, water )


And I have never really had a problem with consuming a lot of fruits.  I definately know a lot of people have, but for me... it doesn't make a difference.  I can eat 6-7 bananas a day, and I will be very clear.  wink.png        I just stay away from the ones like grapes because of all the sulfties.



i have grapes.i used to have the green ones but now i've switched to the black ones.

i dnt have too many.

(i could say a few everyday in breakfast)

it haven't affcted me badly as of now.

but could u pls tell me whther it's bad?




Hi Aana,


I can not tell you if grapes are bad for YOU. :)  Everyone is different.  If you have not noticed a bad reaction, then I would keep eating them. Plus, you are only eating a few during the most important meal of the day - breakfast.  I guess grapes sit well with you. 


I avoid grapes because of the sulfites, and sugar.  I also avoid other grape products like wine, and raisins. I also stay away from dry fruits because of the sugar and sulfites.

#3338758 Pretty Clear Right Now... ;)

Posted by IDK111 on 05 April 2013 - 02:23 PM


#3337578 Acne Redness Removal Trick

Posted by IDK111 on 31 March 2013 - 04:50 PM

Hey you!



I like icing method too!!!  Thanks for this tip.  I have always just put ice in a plastic bag, and then put it on my face.  I've never let ice get that close to my face because I would get that frostbite feeling that you say. lmao   But I will definately try out the waiting times too!!!

#3336168 Being A Virgin...

Posted by IDK111 on 25 March 2013 - 06:44 PM

I am 20 years old, and I will be 21 in May.


I am still a virgin, never kissed a guy, and never really had a boyfriend.


I would not get upset about this virginity thing.


I myself would much rather date a guy who is a virgin.


I know that most guys will tell other guys that it's not good to be a virgin, but I personally find it an attractive trait/quality.