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Roaccutane Reviews

25 March 2013 - 05:03 PM

Hello everyone! Sorry if this is in the wrong place its my first time posting ;)


I just really wanted to get some fresh opinions on peoples experiences with Roaccutane/Accutane! I was referred to my local hospital after my GP had tried different products etc that were useless for my skin. I basically went back to him and said nothings working for me, can u refer me for Roaccutane!


I had my appointment with my derm on the 8th March and we had a quick discussion about what products I had been on and if any of my family members had suffered with acne etc. Few quick questions and bish bash bosh she gave me a leaflet about Roaccutane and I had my first blood test there and then! She gave me two months worth of Roaccutane at 60mg a day which cost me £7 something! (Thought it would be a bit more expensive considering how strong the tablets are). I got home and wasnt sure if I should start taking them straight away or wait for my blood tests to come back so I gave them a quick call and the lady said its fine to start them. Im guessing they would have called me if my results were not good? Lol


So I have been on them for 17 days now and the only side effects I have had are the usual cracking of the lips and dry flaky skin on my forehead and round my lips. Although after the 3rd day taking them I got real bad back pain but that went within two days and was bearable if you didn't make big movements etc.


Has anyone had any severe side effects from it?

After reading loads of forums I noticed many people start on 30mg daily or even 10mg!? Im 5'9 and 136lbs ish, is 60mg ok for my weight etc? Thanks!