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In Topic: How ya feelin' about your acne today?

18 June 2013 - 04:43 PM

I just got home from the 4 day festival I went to (Bonnaroo! tongue.png )! It was super fun and my face literally became super clear after the first day. I'm not sure why.



Anyway....I felt so good not worrying about my skin and not looking at it in the mirror intensely for 4 days. It made me think that I need to stop coming to acne.org. I need a break. I'm going to take it off of my bookmarks. I need to stop thinking about it so much. I start eating whole-food vegan tomorrow (I've been a vegetarian for a couple years now), and I'm excited about a new step in my life. My goals are to run a half marathon by next year and to read more books and just be more productive in general. Acne pulls me down and I let it. My life is much more than my face and positivity is so important for my overall happiness. I can't focus on my acne so much anymore. So, maybe I'll be back one day but I must move on for now. Bye ya'll! biggrin.png Good luck with everything! You're all beautiful and deserve to feel that way!

Glad you are feeling much better about yourself, a shame you are leaving the site now though, have really appreciated all your support with regards to telling my husband what I'm going through with acne. Best of luck for the future lovely lady :)

In Topic: Meanest thing that someone has said about your acne

18 June 2013 - 04:19 PM

being told to kill yourself because you are so ugly isn't just my twisted perception of the world. it actually physically happened to me. a person actually felt like they had the right to tell me that for whatever reason. as if i wasn't human or worthy of anything but death. many other  people have said similar things like that in different variations and again it wasn't me having a negative perception of the world. it actually happened. i have also had to get into physical confrontations with people just to keep some sort of self worth and pride. it is all very tiring.


reading other peoples posts and stories here I would have to only assume things aren't better in other peoples neighborhoods. i guess it is basically human nature. it is unfair to some of us. some of you can still skate by in life and be positive which is awesome. good for you! but please excuse us if  some of us get angry.

(((hugs))) Frank*L :(


It makes me so sad to hear what you and so many of us have had to put up with from nasty people just because we have a skin condition. 

In Topic: Its Been A While Since I've Cried Over My Acne :|

17 June 2013 - 10:48 AM

Aww hon, I could just hug you right now! I felt like I was reading something I wrote. I know exactly how it feels to feel like the ugly duckling. I am the ugly sister, the ugly duckling that stands next to my sister and makes her look even prettier. She gets all the boys, all of the attention, and all of the compliments when we're out together. My heart breaks a little more inside every time a boy looks right passed me, right through me, and stares and drools over my sister. It hurts. I feel like my life is worthless, like I am worthless, and I will never be happy or live a fulfilling life, all because I have repulsive skin.


I know my words probably won't make you feel any better, but you are beautiful, and you are worth it. Please try to believe it. There will always be stupid, ignorant, shallow people, but please don't let them make you feel worthless. I really hope you will start to be happy. All the best to you.   

Hi, I have seen quite a few of your posts on here describing yourself as ugly, had a look at your pictures and was very surprised that someone as lovely looking as you puts herself down so much! I saw the picture of you and your sis too - you are both very pretty girls, I don't see how you could think of yourself as the ugly duckling - why? You look different to one another, yes - but I would say you are equally attractive. Oh, and your skin is NOT repulsive, I think it's looking really good.

I had come to a point where I accepted my acne as a part of me that was never going to go away. I'd look at myself in the mirror, shrug, and move along. Nothing new. Just the usual ugly acne and scars.

I had come to think of myself as a zero. Zeros are used as place holders. They're useless, and valueless; much like myself. I'm a place holder for my pretty friends. I make them look better just by standing next to me. In fact, I had become okay with that.


Today, I was wearing my fancy Sephora make up at work today. I've been working this job for almost two years and I had never had someone bring up my acne; except for one of my supervisors who used my acne as a means of making me quit. That was almost a year ago. A customer came in, I rang her up and as she was leaving she looked at me and said "Not to be mean or anything....." oh. hell. no. I snapped my head towards the back room so fast, I could've died. I had just gotten transfered to this store a week ago so I wasn't familiar with the staff and I didn't want my new coworker to hear this conversation. She started talking about the benefits of Vinegar for acne (been there, done that). I just zoned out and tried not to cry.

Now I'm home and I'm sobbing. Working is the only thing that makes me feel worthy of life. Its the  one thing that keeps me from being a hermit in my room. Now I'm here crying because I'm not worthy of my job with pretty girls. I'M THE UGLY DUCKLING. Except this duckling doesn't get a happy ending.

Sorry to hear this, I know how you feel. It sucks to have acne especially when everyone else around you seems to have no problem with their skin. Your profile picture looks stunning - you have beautiful hair, colouring and smile, don't listen to awful people who put you down.

In Topic: Meanest thing that someone has said about your acne

15 June 2013 - 09:14 AM

Another incident just occurred to me, I offered to do my sisters make up for their night out and they sneered and said something along the lines of 'erm, no cos look at how you put yours on, I don't want mine looking like that'. They were referring to my 'over done, cakey, orangey foundation' used to desperately hide my acne but with no avail.


Was really hurtful because how I put my own make up on is not representative of how I would do someone elses - I am actually really artistic and extremely good at applying eye make up and retro liquid eyeliner on myself and other people.


Again, fed up of being so stigmatised over having acne, people should realise how much words hurt. Well, knowing my sisters and how they generally treat me, that was obviously their intention :( They said countless other remarks about my skin over the years too. One would look at me with such hatred and snarl 'spotty bitch' at me, they would constantly make it clear that they were considered far superior to me due to not having spots. 

In Topic: How Many Cavities Or Fillings Have You Had?

14 June 2013 - 11:14 AM

I am a 31 year old female, had acne for 20 years :(


Prior to accutane in 2003 it was quite severe, now it is more moderate at the times when my skin does get bad.


Never had a filling or a cavity, my teeth are excellent, healthy and white! :)