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#3375569 Started To Develop Cystic Acne...

Posted by rickstascale on 17 August 2013 - 10:30 AM



I know people ask this alot, but are you sure youre following the Regimen correctly and biblically? And are you using enough BP? Make sure you follow all the steps as it requires/states and make sure you use ALOT of BP. Not enough BP will only give you side effects and it wont clear your acne at all. Secondly, are you using Dan's products? If you're like me (i dont use Dan's products) then make sure theyre all NON COMEDOGENIC. If it doesnt say non-comedogenic, then rather than risk it just dont buy it. Find one that actually says non comedogenic in terms of moisturizer (especially), and cleanser. Also make sure your using a GENTLE moisturiser, not Clean & Clear and stuff along those lines (cuz that shit will dry your face so badly). 


If you are following the Regimen closely and doing everything ive written above, maybe you're still in the purging stages... I found when i first started my acne (i have cystic acne- like you) got worse. I found that the BP was actually purging all the blocked pores that i had on my face, and hence making my face have more red pimple bumps than before. It makes sense if you think about it, because BP will try to clear all your pores and if you have blocked ones, BP will make it come out. Hopefully your skin IS just purging. It'll die down after a while but make sure to be EXTRA GENTLE with your BP application, and cleansing etc etc. Seriously, i cannot stress that enough. AND MAKE SURE YOU USE ALOT OF BP. And i mean ALOT. 


Dont worry, we're all going through/went through the same process. It took me 2 and a half months to be completely clear of acne. Im currently maybe 3 weeks clear? My face hasnt broken out at all. And getting here took a while! Dont worry, YOU'LL GET THERE! Stick with it, and just soldier on. Trust me. It's SO worth it.