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Bp Left Me With Redness On The Cheeks

26 September 2013 - 06:54 AM

Like from both nostrils (the same area people suffering from rosacea have their redness) and directly below the thin skin under the eyes and outward from there. But it's most definately not rosacea. I haven't used BP for 3 weeks now because my skin couldn't tolerate it. Anyway, the redness has been in the exact same place since like 1 month and it looks like it gets worse when i go to the gym and excersise 


P.S No it's not rosacea I didn't have the redness before I used BP.


Any idea anyone? When the f will it go away? 

Hey! Are These Marks Scars?

21 March 2013 - 10:01 AM

I'm so afraid that they are scars.. I really hope not. I've had them for quite some time now (i'm pretty sure i've had some of the marks on my cheeks for 2+ years now) and I registered myself here in a desperate hope to know if they're in fact scars or not. I went to the doctor but she wasn't even a derm, just some local incompetent "doctor" that didn't know shit about scars and acne. I had to put words like "hyperpigmentation" into her mouth to help her describe these marks. She was so incompotent that I just walked out of there without knowing if I they were scars or not. She said "it'll fade in time. You're only 19." I didn't ask if they will fade in time, I ASKED if they were hyperpigmentation marks or real scars but she clearly avoided it because she didn't know anything. Doctors here in Sweden are pathetically shitty.


Help me sad.png


P.S Somehow it looks much more worse in these pics than In real life.. Or maybe it does look lke that but I refuse to realize it. If my face is destroyed permanently i'll kill myself srsly. It looks disgusting.