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Need Advance Help, Nothing Works

13 May 2013 - 07:53 AM

Hello everyone.  I'm Adam, I'm 21 this year and I'm from Eastern Europe. I'm 6'3 tall (195 centimeters) and weigh in at 180 pounds. I'm athletic, fast metabolism type of person. And I'm very active in hard trainings of boxing and weights. And as a topic title stands for, I need help. From one and half month, I'm gluten, sugar, processed foods free, and also sugar free on the most part. My diet at beginning was brown rice, vegetables, fruits, some fish here and there, and chicken. When I started, in My eating habits also was pork, potatoes and eggs. But from almost 2 weeks I cuted them also, so now I'm only eating buckwheat (changed brown rice), vegetables like sauerkraut, spinach, broccoli etc. I quit apples (because I think they gave me bad gs problems) and caffeine pretty much (never drink coffee, only teas). And guess what? Nothing works. NONE. And I'm in this acne "business" for couple of years, I used really a lot of antibiotics, natural remedies, oils, clays, black soup with kessa glove. herbal oils like, mechanic peelings, glycolic  and lactic acids peelings and toners. Nothing works. i even was doing lactid acid peel of 80%! I also have done fasting  before, it cured My summer allergy, but not my acne. I used so many things topically, that I even don't remember them all. And now My skin conditioning is a mess. And there maybe 3 things that help My acne ever- lactid acid toner 10%, fasting a lil bit, and by far, the best results I got with Zineryt (erytromicinum). I was healed ,but acne get back to the game after 2 weeks. I forget about things like sleep with face up (not touching the pillow), this doing some work positive, but still not enough. Also tried lemon juice topically and not drinking water with meals. Nothing works. Lemon juice at first was helping, but My skin get sensitive and it irritated My skin a lil bit.  And water drinking regime works that I feel better at My stomach, but it didn't do nothing with acne.


Right now with this anti acne diet, I'm doing caveman regime from like a 2-3 weeks, and it's first time in about 2 years, that I saw oily skin ! - because it was punished with all kinds of products, antibiotics, tap water, peeling etc. And back in the days, my skin was very resistant like a hippo skin. And now it's soo sensitive, and dehydrated. But oils can't do nothing, shea butter also, other herbal oils also. And even on caveman regime, My skin is dehydrated, but it get back oily in T zone(forehead/nose) in like 2 years like I said before. So it's success... lol. And I have completely no idea what to do right now to heal this shit. I was reading heavily topics here and reviews of treatments, and I got few ideas like niacinamide gel, maybe change to paleo diet, probiotics + fiber combo etc. And some good moistruizer to have- definitely oil free, because all oils can't do nothing positive on My face. Overall, my skin is a mess with acne, that is resistant to everything.



But I wanted to ask all You guys, especially those who healed it with some natural therapies. I will put pictures so You can see what is going on and what type of pimples I get- on regime right now I got some big under the skin pimples that I didn't have when I was doing black soup + kessa glove peel before of this. And 2 weeks ago I got even a bloody big fella, what I caught on picture. It was nightmare. On second picture I make a point where is another bloody thing under my skin, and it can't recover from like a 2 months. But it doesn't hurting at all now. Also I got many scars and red dots. Shaving making My acne worse also, and I got heavly pimples from like ayear or more, around the lips- hard version. When I cure something around, it's getting new.


And the final point that I want to make is that I got mixed feelings. Because I think I got multi- level acne. I got gas, even on a strict diet. And I got really fast metabolism, I was doing  cleansing diets before and I feel clean inside. But I still get gas, sometimes it's only air, like from buckwheat + sauerkraut meal and for example, after a diary I got really hard smelling gas, it's really wild. So I keep dairy free like a 2 months or more now,  and I will stay dairy free forever I think. And I could eat very slow, chew it really good with completely no air inside My mouth, and I could still get gas. It's crazy. Maybe some bacteria problems...?  Also, My skin is really dehydrated and it can't get better. Used oils, nothing, used moistruizers, nothing + acne. I used only one good in last years, oil free moistruizer and it help only a lil bit. Also I got pimples in my hair and chemical shampoos is making it worser and even causing itself it. So I will need to buy some herbal shampoo or something, I don't know.


So as all of You can see and read, I need help :)