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19 May 2013 - 09:29 AM

Any new natural/holistic ideas that could make an improvement on my skin? Or maybe some topical things/herbs/products that I don't know. I'm searching also for some really good moisturizer that would not give extra oil on my skin. Because I used all those oils, and shea butter, and it didn't improve My skin conditioning. My skin is still dry, with big pores. And that's interesting, because on my cheecks, I got big pores, but it's dry, sensitive. And The only oil i would give it a try is coconut, because of lauric acid etc.  So anybody, who have some advance things in mind after seeing my pictures, feel free to share it here.

In Topic: Need Advance Help, Nothing Works

16 May 2013 - 04:38 PM

But 40% of what goes on skin, is absorbed- in terms of chemicals and different compounds. So it still definitely make a war in My body, but on My face also, externally. I also heard and saw new stuff like probiotics topically, in cream  and gel or something? Anybody have any info if it works? I read some opinions and They were really great. It could be good stuff, espiecially for Me- a guy who used more than 15 antibiotics topically? Something around 15, for sure not less than 10.

In Topic: Need Advance Help, Nothing Works

16 May 2013 - 10:50 AM



It is possible, but I only used antibiotics topically, which should be not that hardcore like internally. But likely, I got some problems, probably with stomach or colon. Kidneys are good, and liver probably too. I want to say, that Pau d'arco combo with vilcacora (cats claw) is amazing, the best immune things that I used ever. And I saw also digestion a lot of improvement from using those 2 natural medicine products- I don't have gas right now, like NOTHING.


I started using some minimal oily moistruizer, with vit E and CoenzymeQ10, on lower part  of face, mainly cheek. And it's good, but. I got like 2 new zits, what grow up from small blackheads. BUt I don't think it's from moistruizer, but from shaving that I did yesterday. It's a fuckin nightmare around the cheek, because of shaving.




Thanks for response, I was thinking about doing Food Detective test- it's for sensivity for most type of foods. It's expensive, but when I will be on money, I probably will do this. And to answer Your things, I'm definitely not insulin resistant. I'm fast oxidizer , very athletic male. My insulin always was good, especially right now, which probably will be around 75-90.  And I feel really great after fruits, My best, the most powerful mornings was after eating fruits, even really sugary oranges and ripper bananas. So My body like carbs.

Also, does almost 2 month of time is not enough?  I mean, like, I should get results right now. Even little. But I don't see nothing, so there's something wrong.

maybe it's not diet at all, maybe it's hormonal or candida type of thing, or leaky gut, like a guy mention above. I definitely think that gut bacteria health in my body is not good, so I will have to buy probiotics and see what happens. Pearl powder should also make a good work. And maybe I will get back to wheat to see if there's a difference or not- because there's no need to be gluten free on acne diet, if I'm not gluten sensitive.  

Hey man, just keep experimenting whilst not becoming too obsessed, try to keep it balanced, easier said than done i know. Hopefully eventually you will find the answer. Personally i have allowed acne to control my life when it should have been the other way around. 


One thing to consider is something like fructose malabsorption or some other kind of malabsorption and SIBO and all that BS. - The whole good/bad/too much/wrong place gut bacteria thing. I also have bad gas, i'm a walking human gas machine and i know that for me it is caused by fibre, basically all the "Healthy" foods but i have tried various diets that reduce my gas and make my digestion better and it never correlates with better skin - doesn't mean it wont with you. I think probiotics like Sauternes etc can actually bad for people who have "too much" gut bacteria or gut bacteria were it shouldn't be etc. 


If you can try to isolate variables as much as is possible and stick to different things as long and as best as you can, i and i'm sure many others on here, switch from one thing to other and never really get anywhere apart from going round in circles.

Hey buddy, about fiber- I don't think it's a problem. I actually considering buying some fiber, with probiotics, to make best combo for My digestion and see what happens. I always was eating a lot of insoluble fiber and it didn't bother me. But for example, oatmeal would be deadly to my stomach.  About fructose, I saw massive improvemnt in gas problems in my post a  moment ago. pau d'arco + vilcacora make a good work for my digestion and those things with bukcwheat are great for me. For the first time in 3 weeks or so, I bought brown rice instead of buckwheat, and it's not that good, so I will get back to bukcwheat.  Maybe  I didn't get results, because when I started this diet I was on brown rice only and then after a time, I changed to bukchweat. We will see in close future. Also I get back to eggs and potatoes 3 days ago, and it is ok. I thought eggs are bad, but when I eat them alone or with veggies- they are good for me. Potatoes also, no problems at all. It's also because of slow eating and breathing out the air etc. But days before, when I aet potatoes +veggies +chicken, it was a problem with gas a lot of times. So it's weird. But now I know the reson-fast eating and the food combining. I'm testing the theory about it right now, and it's good. Like eating fruits alone or with veggies is true for me, because when I eat brown rice with baked apples,i would get massive gas. And then I was wondering, maybe I'm allergic to apples? But then I aet apples some days after, alone i nthe morning and guess what? No problems at all. So it's definitely the case- the combinations of foods together.

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13 May 2013 - 10:49 AM

I study hard on nutrition, so apparently I know everything. I will have to figure out what potatoes do to me and If They are bad. I reintroduce them today a lil bit in salad and soup, and we will see... I losed weight- 4 pounds on this diet, so I'm not happy with it, because I'm traning hard on my body. And about my skin, it only seems to be clogged, because of caveman regime. 1% AHA will do nothing to me. I did some hardcore things with AHA and I will not go back to this. It also made a part of destroying My hydrated skin years back. maybe I will buy mandelic acid in future, but right now I have to get hydrated skin back. Hydrated, with well tan. About lifestyle: I have good sleep and everything in lifestyle. It just doesn't work. And I don't have stress by any means right now. And sunscreens are bad and fake, so I don't know why u considered it as a good thing. The sun in Poland is just getting in, so for vitamin D levels going up I will have to wait some time. And overall, I feel really, really good. I can train at high level and everything. Positive life all the way. But still got acne and bad skin conditioning. And lately, I also use fresh towels at workouts, not shirt. And paper towels after water cleansing My face. I will probably go back to some moistruizer  and maybe lightly to face peelings and see how it goes, because this caveman regime makes my skin not better- worse oily, still not soft and dry. I don't know.