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In Topic: For Those Frustrated With Dryness...

07 April 2013 - 10:54 PM

Thanks for posting this Swj48, I'm sure many people will find it useful.  My experience was very similar to yours, with the first 5 weeks or so experiencing very dry and flaky skin but around week 4 I started using AHA+ and that really made a huge difference.  When I first started using the AHA+, I had to also put on a layer of moisturiser and jojoba oil over the top, but now I can just use it without moisturiser.

I'm now up to month 4-5 and my skin is completely clear, and for the past month I have only been following the regimen once a day without any adverse effects.  So yes, everyone's experience is different and it is important to experiment once (and only once) you are perfectly clear.

Good luck with the regimen to all those who are trying it.  Follow it persistantly & exactly and you wont  be disappointed with the results.

Hi ayeaye
When you did eventually switch to once a day on the regimen did you do it at night or in the morning. I'm not sure but being I workout in the afternoons I am trying to decide which is best for me.
Also do you use all of dans products- if not which moisturizer and also sunscreen do you use? Thanks!!

In Topic: when does the dryness go away??

07 April 2013 - 10:28 PM

What was the name of the goats milk cream you mentioned?