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In Topic: I Need To Get Rid Of This Front/chest Acne Asap!

21 March 2013 - 08:41 PM

Thanks for the advice I will be trying this, I have heard witch hazel is an avoided ingredient in fighting acne? however i have read online and on the bottle that it is powerful for fighting it at the same time, I have a bottle of witch hazel toner/astringent sitting around that i havent been using, would this be okay for my back/chest?

And i seen in the avoided items list on this site Sodium laurel sulfate or something along the lines of that is bad, and both my shampoo, shaving cream, and conditioner contain it, ive been shaving with cleanser ever since i found out but is washing my hair with that ingredient going to do bad for my skin? as you can see in my display pic im a guy with long hair so it will probably have more effect on me :)