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Sister Taking Bc Pills, What About Me!?

08 July 2014 - 03:13 AM

Hey all,


So my sister and I had severe acne from the moment we both entered high school. She is two years older than me and fortunate for her, she found her magic pill in the form of birth control pills.


Meanwhile I'm 29 now and still suffering from severe acne that comes and goes. My question is, is there a link to something males can take that would work on me knowing my sister is taking bc pills to manage her acne?


Thanks in advance.

Topical Antioxidants

13 June 2014 - 06:50 AM

Hey all,


This article was an interesting read but I dunno how much of it is true.



It highlights that taking topical antioxidants is good for reducing inflammation. My question is what are some good brands out there and is the article on the right track?



Suggestions On My Red Marks

11 May 2014 - 06:08 AM

hey all,


So I have been using AHA+ with great results but I'm going on holidays soon and looking for another alternative to speed track my acne mark healing.


I was thinking of chemical peels but don't have a clue where to begin. Or if anyone has any other suggestions that be great!

I Need A Diet Plan!

04 May 2014 - 05:08 AM

Hey all,


Been following the diet and holistic forum for quite awhile now and thoroughly convinced that healing from the inside is the way to go. I would like to follow a diet plan but don't know how to create one due to a lack of knowledge in food and what it contains and all that good stuff.


As a background, here's what I know about myself and acne:

- Oily food such as korean bbq, any thing junk food will result in a severe breakout

- chilli makes me break out

- heat/summer time makes me break out

- skin is relatively under control during the colder seasons

- I can drink milk  and not break out

- I have taken zinc over a course of 2 months with no affects

- Tried proactive in the past with no improvements


- trailing fish oil tablets at the moment (will let you know the progress after a month)


Can anyone identify any patterns or recommend a diet plan for me to approach this acne problem. Thanks!

My Positive Experience With Aha+ For Hyper Pigmentations!

13 April 2014 - 08:53 AM

Hey all,


So I wanted to share with everyone my red mark/ hyper pigmentation healing process that has drastically reduced the time it takes for the marks to disappear from taking 12 to 24 months to 4 - 6 months.


I have been suffering acne since my early days in high school and I'm now 28 (turning 29 next month) years old. I have worked out that I will suffer from severe acne during summer times and also periods where I lose self control and cave in to eating oily food. Going by that, every year I break out at least once and when that happens cystic acne will be a vicious cycle for roughly 3-4 months. When the calm finally arrives, my skin will be left with hyper pigmentation when left unassisted - would usually take a year or two for it to heal on its own.


So in the last year, I have been using Dan's acne.org AHA+ moisturiser and let me just say - this thing is amazing! By applying this thing 2-3 times a week my hyper pigmentations now take 4 - 6 months to COMPLETELY heal as opposed to just doing nothing and taking up to 2 years to heal.


I'm not sure if it's also contributing but I apply an ice pack on my active pimples which also hits the spot of the hyper pigmentation for around 15 mins every night (as I catch up with some tv shows). As for the AHA+ I will apply it to my face around 3 times a week just before I go to bed and now 3 months later, I would say my hyper pigmentation has lightened up by up to 70%!


Just wanted to share that with anyone who is looking for a solution to give the AHA a go. Even when I don't have active pimples I would religiously apply the ice pack on my hyper pigmentation as I feel it is doing something.


Also I would like to add I'm not taking zinc as well - but can't say that I have seen evidence of it doing anything.