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#3477492 Just Got My Regimen And Heaps Pumped Giving It A Go!

Posted by invisiblenetrix on 09 April 2015 - 09:09 PM

Sure am mate!


Got it yesterday and started using it last night. Started with a pea sized about on the BP and will continue till sunday then up the dosage.


I have to say I'm fairly impressed as it doesn't sting my face. 5 years ago I was on proactive and I had to stop using it cause it started to burn. It also dried my face up really bad.

#3477486 Just Got My Regimen And Heaps Pumped Giving It A Go!

Posted by invisiblenetrix on 09 April 2015 - 08:01 PM

So it appears diet control has got my acne from a severe to a moderate level of acne and now praying this regimen will be the killer blow for completely clear skin!


I have high hopes and will follow the routine religiously. Will keep you all posted! just wanted to share :)

#3451979 Scared To Take Antibiotics?

Posted by invisiblenetrix on 14 September 2014 - 05:29 AM

I had similar concerns too but 1 month into my antibiotics my face has cleared up dramatically. acne that comes up goes away in about a week as opposed to several weeks before.


health wise I feel absolutely no difference. I take probiotics (inner health plus) and 1 shot of yakult once a day to balance it out.


I also use AHA purchased from this website to clear my dark spots which are also fading quite rapidly now

#3427408 Please Help, Any Suggestions

Posted by invisiblenetrix on 20 April 2014 - 08:02 AM

Not saying to quit exercise, but it could be all the physical activity you're doing.


I used to be a sports addict playing basketball, tennis, cycling and hitting the gym occasionally. During that period I broke out into cystic acne and there was just no end to it.


Ever since I quit sports completely my acne has become manageable. I only break out now if I eat the wrong stuff. I'm only able to identify what the wrong food are because regardless of what I ate when I was extremely active I would break out.


I have tested this theory by getting completely clear skin which takes me 3-4 months and then playing sports over a week period. I'm sad to say that I broke out horribly over the following week.

#3380575 Help Keep My Acne Under Control. Maybe Some Magic Vitamin Pill!?

Posted by invisiblenetrix on 05 September 2013 - 05:59 AM

Hmm.. Maybe your body is impaired or unable to process it properly because of the years of unhealthy diet?
So it makes sense if you first cleanse your system and focus on healing the gut and digestive system. Also your liver because liver is responsible for a lot of detoxing.
After you repair and heal/detoxed your system then start eating healthy for a while. Then after that try eating something oily for a test drive.
Theres a chance you wont breakout because your body can now process it and remove the toxins out better but ofcourse that doesnt mean you can now eat unhealthy because that will just put you back to square one.

This I completely agree. u say to cleanse my system and focus on healing the gut and digestive system. Apart from staying away from fatty oily food, is there other things that I should be doing to speed track this or for a better cleanse?



No, there is no magic pill.  And it may not be that your body has any difficulty processing fats, but that it can't process the trans fats in the junk food human bodies aren't meant to process. 


However, there are things you can do to improve fat metabolism.  But they aren't magic and will not produce overnight results. 


There's info on improving fat metabolism in the Good Things for Acnethread pinned right there at the top of this forum.

Thanks mate. Spent a great deal reading your pinned post. Unfortunately I'm learning all of this new for the first time so it will take some time for me to absorb all of that knowledge. No magic pill that's fine. In ur opinion, is improvement in my fat metabolism a solution? Can I just add that my normal metabolism is extremely quick. I'm roughly 183cm tall and only weigh 65 kilos. Been doing my best to gain weight and having 3 large meals a day. But still can't seem to put on any weight. Trying to set an ideal weight of 70kg


Nicomide (prescription) and culture like probiotic have worked for me when used in conjunction with the regimen. Hope this helps.

Probiotics is for cleansing the digestive system right? What are the benefits gained from taking these pills? I'm on no regimen and have ditched all products and only using Dan's AHA which is wondering wonders.

#3368074 Pop Whiteheads With A Needle = No Irritation?

Posted by invisiblenetrix on 21 July 2013 - 07:06 PM

Yes I have been doing this for years. I find that poking a hole in the whitehead and then lightly squeezing it out reduces the duration of the redness it leaves afterwards. I emphasize lightly because if you apply too much pressure then it will be the same as not using a needle at all. All the needle method is doing is it opens up a door for it ooze out easily.