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In Topic: Scared To Take Antibiotics?

Today, 05:29 AM

I had similar concerns too but 1 month into my antibiotics my face has cleared up dramatically. acne that comes up goes away in about a week as opposed to several weeks before.


health wise I feel absolutely no difference. I take probiotics (inner health plus) and 1 shot of yakult once a day to balance it out.


I also use AHA purchased from this website to clear my dark spots which are also fading quite rapidly now

In Topic: Once Cleared, Came Back Kicking.

06 September 2014 - 05:38 AM

I think it has everything to do with humidity in japan. If it's anything like taiwan or hong kong - staying over there in summer broke me out like crazy. For me it didn't matter how healthy I was eating my face was extremely itchy and red all over.


Once I got back to australia in the winter time it stabilised. I started taking antibiotics and that has reduced the breakouts dramatically.  

In Topic: Seeing Dermatologist Tomorrow

05 September 2014 - 05:25 PM

I'll take up the antibiotic choice if it's offered. My flare up's have reduced dramatically since taking them and I'm only 3 weeks into the course and my skin looks much better. Now to take on the hyper-pigmentation.


If you want accutane - prepare a list of questions you can fire at the dermo so u're prepared.


Good luck!

In Topic: Minocycline and ZIANA

01 September 2014 - 06:39 PM

I was put on minocycline roughly 2.5 weeks ago and I have to say that my moderate to severe acne stopped pretty much immediately. So far I have not gone through any purging and don't believe I will anytime in the future as I feel my skin has stabilised. (then again this is acne we're talking about so it could hit me like a train overnight)


I was prescribed a gel as well but I've decided not to apply it. I find those gels dry my skin like crazy.

In Topic: Visited The Dermatologist Today

25 August 2014 - 06:14 AM

Talk about being anti social, I've cut out absolutely all social events for the past 8 months and have not gone out apart from the overseas trip I planned with my mates that was booked last year when I was completely clear. I'm kinda beyond the point of depression. Just in a state where I get sad but not depressed which is a good thing.


I'm from Australia. The derm I went to only accepts referrals and when you get referrals over here, you get a rebate on your consultation with medicare which is great.


A quick update, it's too early to pin it down on antibiotics but my face started to clear up the second night into the antibiotics. There has been no new acne since and even the harder lump pimples have reduced in size. I really hope and have all fingers crossed that it's the result of taking antibiotics. I'm taking two a day of Akamin 50 which is the minocycline type. Along with that I'm taking 1 probiotic pill (inner health plus brand) and also drink 2 yakult's a day.