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Body Acne On Dry Skin

13 March 2013 - 09:15 PM



My boyfriend has a lot of problems with body acne, it is on his complete torso (back, chest, stomach), his upper arms, shoulders, as well as the back of his neck. His face is completely clear of acne and he rarely breakouts there. He gets a lot of blackheads, and his pores look very large. He doesn't really get a lot of white heads, it's more just red swollen bumps. On his neck (but nowhere else) he gets very, very large red bumps. It doesn't seem like the pore is clogged but rather that something is happening deep under the skin to make his skin swell up into a bump; they are in no way painful. It's concerning.


He exercises regularly, showers at least once a day and has a fairly good diet. He has tried some acne treatments but they were all very drying. His skin tends to be dry, as it is never oily. 


Right now he is using a foaming cleanser for blemished, sensitive skin. It is not too drying, and has helped a little, but he needs something more.


What can he do to help clear it up?