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In Topic: My Options: Atralin, Finacea Or Accutane

21 January 2015 - 10:32 PM

I figured I would provide an update on my progress. Its been about 5 months on Atralin and 6 weeks on Finacea. At around 4 months is when my skin really started to improve, I would have less than 5 active pimples at a time. Currently I am clear except for a few small cysts on my chin that have been there for weeks...they are hardly noticable though. I also have a lot of red marks on the sides of my cheeks but I am already noticing that they are fading. I'm guessing a few more months.

But yeah, it wasn't a steady progression with Atralin but at 5 months I am seeing more dramatic improvement. It was well worth the wait!



Atralin is good stuff isn't it? Better than the regimen imo. It's nowhere near as drying, but just as effective.

In Topic: My Options: Atralin, Finacea Or Accutane

04 December 2014 - 07:49 PM

I use Atralin. It's easily the best topical I have ever tried and I'm never stopping it. Never tried Aczone, but I know Atralin works GREAT for me.

In Topic: Can P.acne Develop Any Resistance Against Benzoyl Peroxide ?

01 December 2014 - 11:58 PM

no, benzoyl peroxide does not get resistant against acne.   Your skin however may get sensitive to it which happened to me after a year.  I developed facial eczema that flared anytime i used topicals after i discontinued BP.  I now am able to use aczone and i'm trying to work myself up to using a retinoid.  With that said, be very careful with BP use as lone term it can make your overall skin much worse.



Yet Dan's skin is absolutely perfect....

In Topic: Severe Acne, Nothing Working, Awful Dermatologist.

10 August 2014 - 01:49 AM

You would probably have to simply call and find out if you can switch doctors. I know the frustration that can  happen with dermatologists. One time my dermatologist tried prescribing me 10% BP. Yeah, that would have murdered my skin, and you can buy it over the counter, so what is the damn point of me going to the doctor if THAT is what I'm gonna get? I knew this for a fact, and I didn't go to school for 10 years to be a derm. I'm with you on the diet thing. It's all BS and a waste of time to try and change your diet.


For what it's worth, I can tell you what has been working for me...

Morning: Wash with Cerave hydrating cleaner, apply Clyndamycin Gel all over.

Night: Wash with Cerave Hydrating cleanser, apply Atralin gel (.05% tretinoin)

I also take minocycline, but you said Doxycycline didn't work for you, and I think they are similar.


This regimen has done wonders, I believe specifically because of the Atralin Gel. It doesn't dry out my skin at all, yet it delivers a pretty potent concentration of tretinoin. I don't even need a moisturizer. It's like the perfect formulation of tretinoin. Ask your doctor about it. As far as I'm concerned, it's the best topical I have ever used, and will never go off of it. EVER.

In Topic: Why Hasn't Diet Had Any Effect On My Skin?

24 June 2014 - 09:22 PM

How come Alternavista hasn't replied?

Do we really need another Alternativista post stating the same thing, low GI diet, antioxidants, vitamin D, omega-3's etc. I have followed those things for well over 5 years, it does not have any effect on my acne. It's how you treat your skin externally, do not dry it, irritate it, don't destroy your good bacteria, keep your pores clear so that they don't get plogged. I think alternativista is a computer bot and has limited pre-made posts that are automatically posted, dead serious.



Finally someone who is actually sensible. Tretinoin? No way, I would much rather smear honey and lemons all over my face! Oh and, I would also like to change my diet even though it's almost impossible to pinpoint what it is that is actually causing acne. There's got to be tons of people who have been convinced that there is truth to all this, only to later wish that they had not wasted their time.