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Cysts-Dairy/gluten Free

12 March 2013 - 01:43 PM

I moved states, and am temporarily without health insurance. Between that and being concerned with some health risks associated with Yaz, I decided to use this time to see if I can clear up my (cystic) acne without Yaz. I have been on Yaz for six years, and the last year I was on continuous Yaz with inactive pills only being taken every four months. Yaz cleared up my cysts to the point that I only had 0 to 2 at any given time. I suspect I have an either immune system or hormonal imbalance issue running through my mom's side of the family, but have had no help what so ever from doctors in trying to figure out if any of the issues I have are related. I have had to treat everything separately. Cystic, adult acne has been one of those things.


My skin was extremely clear for a week after stopping Yaz. I began making homemade whole wheat bread and started eating a lot of it. I began having huge cystic outbreaks with 1 to 3 showing up each day. These cysts have stayed with me for the past month and a half, going through a cycle of dying down into hard, flat lumps, before erupting once more into huge cyst mountains, with new ones showing up in intervals. After some reading, three days ago, I decided to try cutting dairy and wheat out of my diet.

I have known since high school that commercial milk upsets my stomach. It also breaks me out, and seems to worsen other issues for me. I seem to handle (no hormones/no antibiotics) raw milk and goat's milk much better, but if I start eating three yogurts a day with milk in my cereal...I do have a breaking point so to speak. I've known for a long time that beer and coffee break me out, but that liquor does not. I looked it up, and found out that coffee can trigger gluten sensitive people, so decided to try no gluten/wheat for at least two weeks. I want to test my tolerance level for dairy too, so I made that no dairy and no gluten/wheat for at least two weeks.

Day One: All current cysts were still painful and an angry red.

Day Two: No new cysts emerged.

Day Three: Still no new cysts. Current cysts look less inflamed and red. They are not throbbing with pain. No pain even if pushed on.

I'll try to update this daily.