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02 September 2013 - 12:00 PM

Thanks cocoloraine, I am finding a low carb/low sugar diet is helping some things.  Good luck to you!


Lab tests show I likely have PCOS.  I am trying to manage it naturally at this point, and feel gut health ties in.  I'll update as I try things.  I have the following coming in the mail to try:




In Topic: Stories Regarding Sugarless (Or Glutenless Or Dairyless) Diets?

20 August 2013 - 10:54 PM

Good luck, I hope so much that his helps you clear up!  I have heard of this working for others.  :)  Going low sugar and low carb has not cleared me up, but eating a lot of sugar and carbs does seem to worsen my already bad adult acne, and it worsens other things too (ie. shaking if I don't eat every hour, pins and needles in forearms, etc).

In Topic: Cysts-Dairy/gluten Free

08 August 2013 - 02:17 PM

Saw a very helpful doc who is doing a bunch of blood work since I have a lot of auto-immune type issues going on. He says the derm I am seeing soon is one of the best in this area, so I am hopeful. The Charmin outbreak is dying down and I hope to keep my face makeup off no matter how embarrassing it is to see if that is indeed also an allergic reaction. Because my "acne" has always itched and burned so badly, I am thinking it might be just that.

In Topic: Cysts-Dairy/gluten Free

05 August 2013 - 11:26 AM

Still searching for my answer. I have two doc appointments set up this month and will be asking about possible issues with blood sugar, hormones, and sensitivities. Two nights ago, I went to someone else's house and used their bathroom. When I got home, everywhere the toilet paper touched was itching and burning. Dammit, I knew then that it was a brand such as Charmin. I always react that way to the 'extra soft and padded' toilet papers. Today, I have actual pimples as well as blisters in areas that I would really rather not have them in! Where else do I get pimples, blisters, intense itching and burning? Oh right, my face. That led me to look up ingredients in Charmin TP. After doing a bit of reading, I will be looking into getting a patch test done to test for allergies to chemicals such as propelene glycol, or PG. PG is in everything...and it is in many products that I am finding I am sensitive too. It is also in my make up and was in face products I used to use before starting to just wash my face with plain water. It is also used in pesticides, processed foods, and on non-organic fruit and veggies which I have found can break me out. I do not think that a PG allergy would explain all my symptoms even if it ends up explaining the acne. I believe I have an under lying condition regardless that leads to such sensitivities and allergies. We'll see where this path leads though.

In Topic: Cysts-Dairy/gluten Free

25 June 2013 - 12:46 PM

Starting to figure this crap out. Blueberries (commercial, non-organic) again flared up my jaw this morning. Freaking synthetic chemicals man!

This would be huge if I can better control my health by cutting pesticides and plastics out. I had already found that using things like vinegar instead of cleaning chemicals helped tremendously, and that eating processed foods increase my negative symptoms. I hope my husband and I can get this two acres and can grow our own food.