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How I Got Rid Of My Butt/thigh Acne

12 March 2013 - 08:24 AM

I just wanted to share in case any one out there suffered from long term acne on their butt like I did! It was very embarrassing in my sex life/ showering in the locker room in high school, etc. It started from when I was very young, maybe about 10 and I am now 26.


Tend Skin! It is basically rubbing alcohol made to prevent ingrown hairs. I usually don't use any soap, and just apply this with my hand after each shower. My butt and thighs have been smooth and clear for a good 8 months now! I first used it in combination with Proactiv face wash which worked great, but when I ran out, I found that I didn't really need it. (I still use it when I have it on hand because it seems just a tiny bit smoother, but it may be in my head) The Tend Skin works great on its own. I also apply it to my groin and bikini area and it keeps bumps/in grown hairs away. Love this stuff. It is amaazing.


Some people say this works for their face acne, but I tried it and while my skin did seem less inflamed, I seemed to get a lot more clogged pores/blackheads, but everyone is different.  


Hope this helps at least one person!