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In Topic: Starting Accutane: My Story And [Hopefully] My Progress! (Pics Included)

14 March 2013 - 04:39 PM

Hi Lynn. Good luck on your accutane! It will get better. I found the oily skin decreased around week 2/3. And I've been dry ever since. Also I am 9 1/2 weeks into the treatment and haven't had a pimple since week 2. Its normal for it to get better first so don't sweat it!smile.png


Thank you! I'm finding that these first few weeks are definitely hard but I'm gonna do my best to remain positive. That little breakout I had is diminishing pretty quickly but now the nosebleeds are becoming a problem...I get about 2 a day. Have you encountered this as well?


thanks for the feedback, I hope everything is going well with your treatment too!

Hey Lynn. I'm on Day 15 right now on 60 mg/day and I can say my skin was much oilier in the beginning as well, but starting about 3 days ago my skin's been a LOT drier. Also don't worry if your skin gets worse, my skin definitely did but I believe it's getting better from here on out.




thank goodness that seems to be the case for everyone, I was afraid I couldn't handle 4-5 months of greasy skin and break outs. I'm glad to hear you've been seeing improvement, that's also very encouraging!