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Accutane Log From A Southern California

13 March 2013 - 06:16 PM

I'm also keeping this log on RealSelf.com 


I'm will start counting as of two weeks (full 14 days) into my treatment since that's when the side effects/improvements starting to kick in.


Day 15: Skin was peeling quite vigorously. Woke up and it was peeling all around my mouth. Cysts I had prior to treatment have shrunk. Some new ones (cysts or not, big acne) did appear and most is on the right side of my cheek. My left side is clearing. Forehead is drying too. Chin is the mostly clear. My nose and the area around it are good and clear.


Day 19 (day this is posted): Huge yellowish and white scabs on problem areas. I'm so tempted to pick at them but I know I'll only get scars or it'll make the problem worse (and look worse!). The acne under my chin has basically cleared, which is good. Not using any cleansers or scrubs because I don't want the scabs to prematurely come off, so I'm just letting water run over them. 

Seeing my derm this Saturday for a checkup.


My question is....is this scabbing normal? I know we all have a tone point reported dryness and stuff but I'm just worried these scabs are out of the ordinary. They occur where the new acne appeared after I started treatment and they are largest on my right cheek. My left cheek only a few. 


Any advice and encouragement is appreciated :) Thanks so much.




Currently on 40mg/day. Brand: Myorisan.


Obtained from Dr. Michael M. Dao from Westminster California.