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#3350650 To Wear Or Not To Wear A Tank Top

Posted by lolaholic on 21 May 2013 - 02:51 PM

Thank you guys! I wore a tank top to school today, and I only got compliments on my muscles hahaha. So to anyone feeling self conscious about acne limiting their wardrobe, please don't be afraid to wear whatever you want. I think most people know that acne is common, and that it will go away one day. When you look back on the days you had acne, you'll realize how silly you were for making an effort to try to hide it. Also, this applies to girls, too. There is this one girl who I found was very attractive, and when one day she wore a low cut that showed her back, she didn't seem to care at all. Either way, I still found her attractive. 


Confidence > Acne