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God Damn

12 February 2014 - 10:00 PM

People always think I'm like a fucking tweaker, because of the hyper pigmentation and scars on my face , or call me a tweaker, when I've never touched meth in my goddamn life, it's like beyond fucked up , because that's probably what they think of me right off the bat, because it's no the first time , Americans are known to be and act like fucking cattle , we all think the same shit , we all watch the same shit know about the same things,it fucking pisses me off man, so I look like a damn tweaker? , the only people that would know is a real tweaker..............I get treated like a tweaker , yeah bro I tweak all fuckin day, In Diseased up  I shoot up meth bro ........I sell my body on the fucking streets , yeah everybody , judge the fuck out of me gimme some tweak bro .............I get treated like a fuckin piece of shit .....,  , I feel like shit man, I feel like shit , I feel like shit, I feel like shit, I feel like shit.......fml


10 March 2013 - 07:50 PM

it seems when i moisturize  the blackheads dont surface and cause my acne to get worse...this is the first time i tried not picking at my acne and moisturizing and its just made it worse....wtf!!! im gettin sick of this ....i just wanna take a knife and cut my damn face to ribbons and fuck it up before the acne does...aarrrrghhh!!!!!! lol