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I'm Getting Clearer!

12 October 2013 - 09:23 AM

I started to get acne in 2011 when I was 26. It literally hit me out of nowhere. It started out on my neck, especially under my chin and it spread down and gradually up. It progressively got worse. When it first began I went to the doctor and they gave me antibiotics, but I wasn't on them very long because they really hurt my stomach. I tried proactive twice. Then I became pregnant in late 2011. It stayed the same if not continued to get worse. I couldn't do much while I was pregnant, but I did try a few antibiotic creams. I can't remember all of the names, but none of them seemed to help any. Fast forward to May, June, July and August of this year my skin was at its worst. The products I was using were drying my face out bad. It was so red and full of cystic acne - the redness was so bad it looked like I had a horrible sunburn and the peeling was TERRIBLE! Under all of that I was full of cystic acne and whiteheads (something I didn't normally have) from the flaky skin clogging my pores. Anyway, at the beginning of August I made an appointment to get on ortho-tricyclen. I went on it, but only lasted a week. It gave me horrible panic attacks! I was constantly freaking out and thinking I had a blood clot. I even went to the emergency room convinced I had one! I stopped that day, which was the beginning of my second week. Since then my skin gradually began to get better. The cystic acne on my face went away, the only thing that was left was my horrible flaky skin because of the drying products I was using. I went and bought cetaphil face wash and moisturizer and bought a new brush for my electric face brush. Since getting off the ortho-tricyclen I saw improvement after a few weeks. Since then it keeps getting better. It got especially better when I changed to the cetaphil routine, which I think was because it helped unclog my my dry skin, especially with the help of the brush. I had one small zit on my chin that showed up with my period, but other than that basically nothing but redness from scarring (which is still baaaad). My neck is also has one cyst that turned into a huge boil that is slowly shrinking other than that nothing as well. 


Do you think being on ortho-tricyclen could have thrown my hormones off enough to get them back in gear? I can't honestly think of what's causing this other than that. I was on penicillin twice for infections in September, but actually I was actually still breaking out slightly while on it and have continued to improve after I went off of it. 

Are My Vitamins Causing Me To Feel Sick?

06 March 2013 - 03:50 AM

Hello all! I've read a lot through these forums, but this is my first time registering and posting. Anyway, I've been dealing with acne for nearly two years now. I was in cosmetology school when it began, first as cysts that were deep under the skin on my neck and under my jaw and chin, didn't hurt much and would rise up and go back down, then they started to get worse and then I just started to get blown out acne all over and of course they became painful. Sometimes it would take a month or so for them to actually pop.


Anyway, after trying antibiotics and not liking how they made me feel, I stopped. I just kept on cleaning my face, but obviously it didn't work too well. I also became pregnant and couldn't really do much about my face other than wash it. I did try a bunch of different antibiotic type creams while I was pregnant and none of them helped at all. I've had a good feeling that my acne could be hormonal, but unfortunately I'm breastfeeding right now and I'm not keen on taking it because I don't want my milk to dry up any time soon and most of the good hormonal birth control is not compatible with breastfeeding. 


Anyway, I recently started reading the forums and read about Vitamin D deficiency. My Mother has it, so I thought that might help. I began taking 1,000 IU capsules everyday about 3 weeks ago. My skin does seem to be improving slowly. I added on a combination of Magnesium and Zinc (400 mg Magnesium and 15 mg Zinc, it's a combined vitamin by Spring Valley) about a week after I began the D3, so I think I've been taking it for approximately 2 to 2 and a half weeks now. Somewhere in that space of time. 


These past few days I've been feeling nauseous and having diarrhea... I also have been having a little bit of heartburn on top of that and dizziness -- it feels like I might be having some low blood pressure. I don't think it's anything I ate or a virus. I'm only taking 1,000 IU of D3 and I just really don't feel like it could be doing this to me, but I'm wondering if it might be the magnesium and zinc? I do have a good diet. Not a lot of preservatives, I cook pretty much everything completely by scratch and we eat a lot of vegetables and I love dairy and drink a lot of milk, eat a lot of yogurt, eat a lot of cheese (I have cut out dairy, by the way without any results, because my son was having problems with his stomach after he was born from the dairy products I was eating, I resumed eating dairy when he was a few months old).


I think I'm going to cut the magnesium and zinc and see if anything happens, but I'm not liking how I feel. Has anybody else had this happen to them?