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#3382881 Acne Is Winning...

Posted by Doddy46 on 16 September 2013 - 02:36 AM

Acne is multi fauceted and has absolutley nothing to do with what you put on your skin. You seem to be stuck in a cycle where stress plays a major part of your problem. On a scale of 1-10 how stressed are you over this? How often are you thinking about it? How long have you felt this way? High levels of stress can manipulate / alter they way your horomones are produced / eliminated. Particularily cortisol, but all of them to a degree, some more than others. You also can't heal while under high levels of chronic stress. It's almost impossible, your body is too busy trying to control the rush of horomes which alter how everything inside of you functions, your body does not like this, and is more important to your survival than surface wounds.


I think the absolute best idea for you at this point, is to stop trying so hard, you need to just wash your face with regular simple plain ass cleanser, I'd recommend spectro jel, but find one that suits you, and wash on an as needed basis. Dont worry about sweat causing acne..it doesnt.


But yeah, number one goal for you is now to try and be happy, this is hard, but it's a must. Don't stress over anything, all problems in life have a solution, if you have a problem that you CAN control, control how you see fit, get that shit done and dont think twice. If you can't control it, DO NOT WORRY ABOUT IT. Your acne included, you are not going to belive this, but ill almost gaurantee a fair portion of your acne problem is caused mentally, sounds dumb, I know, but probably true.


Try and eat healthy. without stressing over what you eat. Go ahead and eat some cookies or what have you, unless you can guarantee for sure 100% they cause problems. Just dont over indulge and make a concious effort to try and eat good. Eat when you are hungry, and nutritious foods most of the time. Again not ALL the time, don't stress over what you eat, just make an effort.



Start using that cash to go and ENJOY stuff. Tommorow you are going to wake up, do what you do, and when you see yourself in the mirror, you are going to tell yourself "this is my skin" and get use to it. Accept it, move on. Get done what needs to get done, and enjoy the fact that you have 2 good legs / arms and a solid heart beat. If you can achieve this, truly achieve this, and reduce stress in other areas wherever possible, the most efficient way for you, I'll cut off my left index finger if you dont start seeing slow, but constant improvment in your skin. This will take A LONG time, so best get started today.


Be healthy, Be Happy.


Monitor for reactions to foods you eat (flushing, upset stomach, bloating, anything really out of the normal, verify its that food causing it and avoid that food, other than that, eat whatever you want, just try and make the majority of eat nutritionist type foods) IF you dont seem to react in any weird way to any foods, your golden.


Now, I COMMAND YOU NEVER TO RETURN TO THIS SITE EVER, in your case I feel it's conter productive for yourself. (unless of course you just need someone to talk to ;-)


P.S. ACNE will no longer dictate your emotions or stress level. What you acheive throughout the day and what you do for pleasure / leisure will.


You will no longer Monitor your skin, you will use the mirror for what you need to use it for, and you will not be self judgmental while you are using it.


Oh and obviously the majority of what you drink should be water. We were not designed to get our nutrients from drinks. Again drink whatever you want, a coffee in the morning, a glass can of pop here or there. But mostly water. Clean water. Preferably chlorine and flouride free. But even if not, water still better than anything else.

Oh, almost forgot to mention the single most  important thing.. don't EVER agree to take antibiotics for acne EVER.


This has too high of a chance to alter / damage your digestion, which will cause acne in it's own. (stress also affects the gut, and it's my belief that 90% of acne is gut related. That why when your stressed you feel sick to your stomach, literally. Brain - Gut are very connected.

#3374858 Purple Cyst On Center Of Nose

Posted by Doddy46 on 14 August 2013 - 07:34 PM

Currently I'm using a Oxy Face wash 10% BP sometimes St Ives Blemish scrub 2.5% SA

ACV 50/50 with water as a toner

Clindamycin Phosphate Gel

Aloe Vera Gel (fruit of the earth)


And am on my first week of tretinoin cream 0.025%

Also randomly spot treat throughout the day with Tea Tree Oil



Rghiaf! This is absolutely ridiculous. I hope you arent using all of these on a regular basis. Holy shit, your poor face. You treat it like a warzone, you must stop this madness immediatley. bring your self down to one cleanser and one active, and for the love of god donot use that scrub a day further. It never ceases to amaze me how we all come to believe assulting our skin with abrasive material is good for it in some way...


If you choose BP as your active, bring that shit down to 2.5


My two cents.

#3372880 Does Caveman Regimen Work?

Posted by Doddy46 on 08 August 2013 - 07:26 AM

Depends. Not right away it wont, most likely. Again, depends. How long have you been using products, and what products have you been using? I'm not asking you these for me, im not a derm or a nutritionist, so dont bother answering these questions. Common sense would dictate that that harsher and longer the products you've been using the longer it will take your skin to learn how to take care of itself. I have a cousin who NEVER washes his face, and he was full of blackheads, and i mean FULL of em. Today he has absolutely nothing, no large pores, no zits, nothing. And, even animals wash (with just water or spit mind you) but they do wash. For example a bird bath. So washing IS benefitial.. IF you get dirty, and in todays soceity, thats not very hard. That being said, I strongly believe that less is more in this regard. Over washing (which most of us do, you generally dont need to wash twice a day, or everyday for that matter. "depends" on the cirumstances") will reduces you skins integrity (at least temporarily) and doing this day in and day out, you skin develops a dependance after awhile. SO expect some weird shit to happen for 6 months to a year. These are long time frames, but remember, no matter what happens (which is why Id recommened giving it a go) is because, even if you do break out (some people unfortunatley have no choice, they HAVE to wash with soaps/cleansers, mostly because this is what they have done for years and years) you can guarantee that you in the least, arent causing any damage to you skin. Only exception to this is severe, cant see any skin under all these inflammed red zits type acne, in which case I hate to say it (I really really do hate to..) you need to follow advice from a derm...


Other than that, you should be able to ditch alot of the washing, and only use water to wash, dry with a super soft towel (cotton is bumpy and rough,find a good,smooth,soft towel just for you face) and gently, very gently wipe "and" pat your face dry. This provides the very mildest form of exfoliation, and its all the exfoliation anyone needs)


After awhile (6 months - 1 year) you skin SHOULD be healthier, and i do recommened giving it a go, but not so hardcore as to never ever wash your face, if you dont get dirty fine dont wash that day, dont get dirty tommorow either, fine, wash with warm water before bed. Get dirty next day, use gentle cleanser (Spectro Jel for example) for 10 seconds or less.


Going against everything you have ever heard, drop the moisturizer. And you do not need to wear sunscreen religiously. It good to use, but only when neccessary (same as moisturizer, keep it in case for somne reason you skin get too dry, but severly limit its use) such as, amount of time you will be outside, what the UV index is, how cloudy it is, are you on anythiing that will make you sun sensitive (stopping using all these cleanser and crap all the time, and let your skin learn to function on its own, will build up a bit of protection from the sun in itself) such as any medications.


Less is more, but do whats neccessary. cleansers and sunscreen isnt bad, just when its always on your face.




I noticed you said you cut dairy and sugar. for one i hope you dont also mean fruit sugar. Every cell in your body needs sugar/protien/fat in that order, for optimal performance. NO sugar = unhealthy.


You digestion adapts to what you eat, and for this reason should NEVER cut a food completely, cold turkey, Wean yourself off of it, VERY slowly if you think its causing a problem (obviously for you it wasnt, and the quick change may have more to do with it)


So basically, you have changed to much to fast, and thats why your getting this. You are an organism that adapts to its surroundings, dont drastically change these so quickly. But now that you have, you may choose to just stay the course. ID incorporate small amounts of dairy back into your diet (small chunk of cheese every 2-3 days, a small amount of cream in your tea once or twice a day)


Body needs Glucose, converts ALL sugar into glucose therefore if you eat foods with glucose it gets store directly into cells for immediate use (BONUS!) Fructose gets converted to Glucose and or fat in the liver, and is the easiest of the sugars for your body to convert (glucose doesnt need converting) ALL other sugars are much harder to convert, and these should be avoided. Dextrins and sucroses,and "fake" sugars especially.


Hope this helps.

#3369129 Facial Redness Help

Posted by Doddy46 on 25 July 2013 - 04:38 PM

Go see a dermatologist they can properly diagnose whatever that is. My guess would be very mild rosecea. Is there any dryness? Peeling or flaking? That could indicate seb derm. Either way , unless someone runs into your post with the exact same thing I dint think anyone can diagnose you. Do you have any digestive disturbances? Could also be ( very possible but also very very unlikely) a yeast or fungal infection.