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In Topic: Oiliness And Redness On The Face

14 March 2014 - 07:11 AM

Oily skin is not a problem. One of the key signs of health we look for in the vast majority of mammals is skin oil. Michelle seems to know very well what she is talking about, and I'd trust her advice. Your skin also seems dry and irritated  to me also. 


Untill you get a pair of professional opinions, do not put any chemical anything on your face, and maybe get a good moisturizer (CeraVe for example)


I like spectro jel cleanser (purple)


Sunscreen sparingly, with other ZINC OXIDE only.

In Topic: Anyone Knows What Really Works For Redness And Scars?

14 March 2014 - 06:45 AM

Hi again Shelby. It is most probably just scar tissue. Scar tissue isn't as pliable nor does it function like normal skin, it's sort of like a biological permanent plastic bandage. You're best bet would be to actually have it surgically cut out, and hopefully it heals better than when you fucked with it (decent possibility, with a GOOD surgeon and proper after care) Do one at a time in case your skin doesn't heal well from it, and pick a small one to test your surgeons abilities. It is absolutely VITAL you and your skin are in as good of health as you believe you can get it (looking and functioning well, and healing from injuries at a decent, healthy rate. If a scratch on your arm heals better than it did before, meaning less scar tissue, so will the skin on your face). 


Do not judge your ability to heal on speed alone, true this is probably the main factor to look for, but it is also true that healing too fast (as well as too slow) leads to more scar tissue. Instead watch the overall picture, speed and quality of the repair, based on seriousness of the injury, and the amount you have fucked with it. (good luck healing a knuckle cut, you fucked with that all day, opening and closing your hand, washing your hand, etc.)


Hope that solidifies what you already know.

If you want to be 100% positive what it is, get not one, not two but three dermatologists to just LOOK at it, they have been looking at skin for years... I don't want the crap they sell, just their knowledge. I'll do the rest of the research myself thank you. Just picking your brain.


Sounds like a total pain but if you are dead set on figuring out for sure, 100% this is the best method. As many professional OPINIONS as possible.


I feel safe saying it is just scar tissue... But there IS always that chance...

Scars can take many years to heal to optimal level.

In Topic: Anyone Knows What Really Works For Redness And Scars?

11 March 2014 - 09:54 AM

The only thing that will improve your appearance is optimal health. If this isn't your primary focus, don't bother bitching when all this chemical ridden shit backfires.


I was corrected with the hypertrophic scars, these will unfortunately require some sort of intervention.


Chemicals cannot improve your skin quality, only your skin and your health can do that. Proper nutrition, and living as clean a lifestyle as possible, clean air, water, food, mental acuity, etc etc blah blah blah. To believe otherwise is ridiculous.

Of course, there ARE surgical procedures.... But I'd recommend staying away from the lasers and dermabrasions.

In Topic: Sudden Breakouts After Being Clear For Months

04 March 2014 - 07:07 AM

I havent read all these posts, but i read that you had super oily skin, and now it is dry and you are gettign acne. There is only one reason for this that I can think of that can bring these changes so rapidly, and that is poisons. Have you taken any antibiotics recently? These are the worst of the poisons for causing this. I"ll assume (even tho I kno what assuming does) without reading the rest of the posts (only read 3 or 4 lines of your original post) that you indeed HAVE taken antibiotics, and thus, this is where your problems now stem from.


Your acne is NOT caused from antibiotic defeiciency, so stop poisoning yourself, and pray your DNA can recover. Yes ANtibiotics damage DNA. If im ranting out my ass for no reason (you have not taken antibiotics) then I apologize, and you wont hear from me again (its 2am and im too lazy to read) But ... nothing else in my over 2 years of continual research about skin and acne points to anything OTHER than, antibiotics causing what you are going thru right now.


Shame on whoever prescribed them to you. He just robbed your health and made alot of money doing it. Congratulations,  you've joined the club! (hopefully not, but I believe you have)


You'll prolly note, stomach senitivites, food allergys maybe... the list of the damage those poisons can and do cause could fill a football stadium...

You might also start notice rapid aging... *dna damage*



In Topic: Anyone Knows What Really Works For Redness And Scars?

04 March 2014 - 06:51 AM

HOly FUck, Dont fuck around with this shit. THe redness WILL FADE ON ITS OWN FFS. WHy risk damaging your skin, hoping to speed this up? dont be rediculous. Eat healthy, drink healty, live healthy, get some sun, unprotected sun, clean air. Focus on joyful things, and things that require attention (Responibilities) never mind the bit of red on your face that will go away eventually.


(If you are DETERMINED TO USE A PRODUCT, AND I DONT RECOMMEND THIS, BUT USE "SKIN LIGHTEN" BY DERMA E - It's for age spots but it works by dispersing melanin evenly) Will take awhile, but it is a safe product. Be warned, it IS a moisturizer.