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In Topic: Hello... Please Help... :/

27 April 2014 - 12:08 PM

Ask a Naturopath. Just take the result into an office, and ask. They will tell you. Free. More than Likely. Make sure it is a Naturopath, Holistic. And NOT A MEDICAL DOCTOR / DERMATOLOGIST (they deal only in poison)

In Topic: Can I Use Expired Epiduo Or Switch To Another Medication?

04 March 2014 - 06:43 AM

Acne has nothing to do with your skin on the outside, absolutley nothing. You are kicking th can down the road. This shit yo uput on your face damages your skin, is not good for it. Maybe it removes acne, but it wont prevent them. And if you stop it all comes back anyway. How lkong do you intended to smear chemicals and antibiotics on your face? By the time your 40 you are going to look 60.


Work WITH your body not against it. Your face oil is very adapt at deciding what bacteria need to die, and what bacteria need to live. You are throwing that for a loop, at a time where it may already be overloaded or confused.


Clean Air, Clean Water (NO FLORIDE NO CHLORINE ETC ETC) Clean Food, Dont eat shit, not saying the shit is directly bad for you, but if you fill up on chips or canned ravioli you are NOT eating somthing that your body can ACTUALLY USE.


Thinking about your skin in a negative light all the time creates horomone imbalances, which makes it harder to clear acne, maybe even creates some. So stop that.


Get a good gentle cleanser, do some research and try a few GOOD ONES. SAFE ONES. And wash your face once a damn day, twice if you get really dirty. thats it. live healthy and be happy. Your acne will start to go away slowly over time, natrually and safely. VERY SLOWLY. tis is important, your body takes its time repairing things to be sure its doing it right. dont rush it. Feed it nutrients, and energies needed. Maybe find a good high quality anti oxidant, Healthforce makes some good ones, but im not sure as to the source, and I wont buy anything from the pacific anymore, seing as its all radio contaminated now...

In Topic: Regimen-My Skin Is Super Oily!help

04 March 2014 - 06:34 AM

Tip: Your skin knows what it is doing, it is super oily for a reason. Maybe that reason is you're skin is dehydrated, I dont know. What i Do know is the more oil your skin produces, the smoother, and more protected it is. Also gently washing it without chemicals will remove the oil, and the dirt caught by the oil. Your skin will now make more oil, effectively cleaning out your pores, as it comes thru to the surface. WIthout oil production, you CAN NOT HOPE to keep your pores clean, it's impossible. You DO NOT WANT DRY SKIN, TERRIBLE.


Focus on health, good food, good mental thought (not thinking about acne or how you look all the damn time) healthy amounts of unprotected sun, good excersise. Dont do things that slow the healing process, such as smoking, or having more than 1 or 2 cups of coffee a day. Don't eat shit food, for the main reason that it fills you up, with fillers, that offer no health benefits, food is suppose to offer health benefits. What the fuck is the point of eating a can of Ravioli? You get nothing GOOD from it, just you are not hungry anymore. Oh you get energy, carbs sugars and salts (which you DO need, but no where near these quantities) And while your filling up on that shit, your not eating food that offers benefit, like fish, salads, nuts etc etc. You know whats good for you.


!!!!!DO NOT EVER TAKE ANTIBIOTICS FOR NON LIFE THREATENING SITUATIONS!!! These things are POISON and directly damage your Body, GAURANTEED, everytime, whether you realize it or not, they can and will. Food allergies, dry skin, digestive issues, you name it, it can happen. DONT TAKE THEM

In Topic: The seborrheic dermatitis thread

23 October 2013 - 12:39 AM

No, it is not irreversible, there are many things you can do to replenish your gut flora.


I find it so frustrating looking at this thread and seeing people going on and on about topical chemicals. These cannot solve the problem, plain and simple they're band aids. It stems from internal imbalances so treat it at the source

The only thing that has a chance of long lasting results are fecal transplants, which are progressing at lightning speeds due to their efficacy over all medical Rx's.

In Topic: Questions About Doxycycline 100Mg

16 September 2013 - 09:55 PM

Personal recommendation, is to stop with the antibiotics. Lack of antibiotics are not causing your acne. And they are not "good" for you in anyway, potentially harmful. Be careful and monitor for ANY weird changes especially in digestion. (different smelling / looking stool, altered bowel habbits in any way, more gas, feeling of being bloated, not as hungry or hungrier than normal) Monitor your poop religiously. They ar going to gauranteed altered your digestion in some way, highly likely not noticeable, but it will none the less.


ALL drugs have side effects.