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09 August 2013 - 03:04 AM

Hi everyone! See a derm in about 3/4 weeks, so decided I need to start taking pics of my bad skin in case, as always, when I go it looks fine and I've wasted my time. I'll be tracking my skin progress and posting pics probably daily on Twitter here: @DMRSkin


I'm sure I'll use acne.org again, but Twitter is way more convenient for me, as I use it all the time now anyway. I'll be posting my Accutane progress on there too. Let's do this!

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28 July 2013 - 02:40 AM

Woke up today to 3 spots on my chin, and one on my nose. Don't really know why as I did the regimen fine yesterday and applied more than enough BP.. My skin is a mystery to me. Could possibly be because I'm bulking up, and with that comes excess hormone production or whatever. Wish I was just normal and didn't have to spend an hour on my skin everyday just to keep it 'sort of not spotty'... eurgh. Oh well, derm in just over a month!

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27 July 2013 - 05:30 AM

Hi smile.png


I've just come across your log! Even though I'm keeping a log myself, I'm sort of slack in checking other people's logs (which I should actually check more because they are helpful to read)!


I'm coming to the end of my third week on the regimen and the dryness is driving me insane! Like you said a couple of posts ago, it's nearly as bad as acne... I think I'll have to cut down a little on the BP / experiment with amounts at some point because the dryness and flakes are crazy!! 


Sorry to hear you've had a tough year (same here actually) -hopefully the anti-depressants work well for you.

It sounds like you've had some good success on the regimen though, which is great! I think it was a good idea to give the regimen a good shot before going for accutane. Whether you decide to continue the regimen or start with accutane, - good luck with it all - hopefully you find what works for you!


Also - Have fun on your travels!

(Jealous tongue.png I'd love to be off traveling the world!)


Nice to know someone is reading! Yes, although my skin still isn't perfect, and it's a daily struggle, my skin is MUCH better off. I think we tend to forget what our skin used to be like, as our standards get higher the clearer we get. At the moment I have two small pimples and I'm still not happy, whereas a 6 months ago I'd kill for just 2!!!


The dryness sucks, you need to cut down and give your skin a day off when it gets real bad and just apply the BP to the actives, otherwise it will peel like a motherf****r, and you'll feel worse! Or just apply it once a day every now and then. Your skin needs a rest! I looked like a snake shedding his skin at one point...


Yes, looking forward to travelling assuming my skin is fine :/ Really hope my derm gives me Accutane next month, though my skin looks quite good so worried as I know when I go travel and can't apply the regimen strictly I'll break out. Will have to beg. Thank you! You can do it too! Good luck!

Another week has passed!


I had two small pimples today; one on my forehead and one under my nose. The reason being (I think) is because I had a shower and cleansed my face, then fell asleep without BP and moisturiser, which usually dries out my skin a bit and therefore I get a break out.


I'm going to drink coffee and stuff a few days before I see the derm to make it as bad as possible so they give me the god damn Accutane, because if I walked in there with 2 pimples they'd laugh at me! It's annoying because although the regimen keeps away 80% of it, I know when I go to Asia I'm going to break out bad as I won't have the time to be applying BP and stuff.. I'll just beg. If not, maybe they have another solution but I'd rather Accutane and possibly never have acne again..!!!


I'm applying a large amount at night, and a fairly large amount in the morning. I have very slight flaking, but nothing like before as I give my skin a rest if needs be, at the cost of maybe a pimple or two. It's probably the best balance I've had since I started, but it isn't totally clear and it seems like everyday I'm on the verge of breaking out, the BP just holds it all back until I  miss a day then BAM!


Anyway, will update in a week or so, depending on when I remember. I go to Prague in a month to see my friend I saw in Mexico for a trip for 5 days or so, so very excited for that and hopefully my skin is ok by then. And then a few days after the trip, I see my Derm, so I think I'm just gonna drink coffee 2 days before and watch my face break out haha! Weird how I actually want acne for once in my life, and it's too clear :/


Have a good week everyone! Chin up, life is what you make of it :)

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20 July 2013 - 02:13 AM

Another 3 weeks without an update.. I am bad at this!


Ok, well I had an amazing time in Belgium with my friend, and the best birthday I've ever had. She is a, beautiful (she's Mexican), wonderful person, and it was the happiest I've been in years. We had an amazing time together, and weirdly (possibly because I barely ate anything during the trip, and also because I felt very comfortable with her) my skin was pretty fine to be honest. I had like 2/3 pimples the whole trip, and not even bad ones. She said my skin was clear and she didn't understand why I complained, but I definitely had a couple.


I've been dealing with depression for the last few years, and I finally hit a breaking point at work 2 days ago, so I left early and saw a doctor. I have been prescribed anti-depressants, so hopefully I will feel happier from now on. I know a few reasons other than my skin why I have it and anxiety etc, so I'm trying to sort myself out. I've had a bad year - my Nan died in November who I was very close with, my Dad almost died because of diabetes, my skin was shit, and also I've had the standard girl problems (rejections, being messed around etc)...


Onto my skin... when I started the regimen, my Dr asked if I wanted to see a derm to get Accutane as I posted about ages ago. I didn't realise it was a 2 month waiting list!!! I would have said yes and used the regimen in the mean time! Gutted. I see a Derm on Sept 3rd I believe - my GP thinks they won't give me Accutane as my skin isn't bad enough, but I know once I stop the regimen (and I know I can't do it everyday while travelling) it gets pretty bad again, so I'll beg for Accutane and hope by December when I leave my skin is fine so I can just go and have an amazing time travelling!!!


I did lower my dosage on the regimen a lot, and my dry skin went away completely, but I was still getting 4/5 pimples a week, so I now use a thick finger length in the morning, and about 3/4 during the day. As soon as my skin gets dry or flakey, I do it once or just apply BP to the active pimples. I'll see how this goes, but I'm losing faith in the regimen. It seems to be either get acne or get dry skin, and both are pretty bad. Hopefully I get accutane and I won't have to worry about my face anymore!


I will try to remember to post again. I don't even know if anyone is reading this... I always say "I need to update my blog", then a week passes.. haha! I haven't died!

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29 June 2013 - 05:40 PM

Right, been doing 3/4 length at night and a small amount of actives in the morning. Dry skin has pretty much vanished, however I have had 2 spots on my chin and one on my forehead. Nothing bad obviously, but I think this could get worse. the 3/4 length was quite skinny, so tonight I've tried a thick full finger length and will see how it goes; in theory, my skin should have enough BP to manage my acne, and then will have enough time to recover during the day so I don't get dry skin.


Cetaphil's moisuturiser seems good! Thick and absorbs quite quickly. Happy with it so far. Not entirely sure what the AHA actually does to be honest. Perhaps helping the marks left on my skin? My left cheek is red some days, alright others. Don't really understand it.


I will update in a week or two, or whenever I remember to! I have a trip to Belgium to see a special friend in 4 days, so I'm desperate to have clear skin. I think I will give the regimen a month or two more before requesting to see a derm about Accutane/other treatment. Hopefully won't come to that, but I can't go travelling in the winter in Asia with bad skin!

It's possibly the pimples I have got recently is down to lack of water, as I usually drink 2-3 litres but the last 2 days I've been on about 1L...


Side note: decided to take £195 out of my travelling fund to whiten my teeth. They're not yellow, but I've always wanted my white smile back since I was 15. Protein shakes and fruit seem to have yellowed them a bit... Will give me confidence I hope! I've been using the kit for about 3 days and they're slowly getting whiter! =D


Keep fighting the good fight. We can beat this!