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Will This Turn Into A Keloid!?!?! On My Face!?

18 April 2014 - 11:44 PM

Hi everyone


So recently I had this huge cyst on my face (the type that grows on your cheek and hurts) and now the mass is starting to loose pain and is starting to feel like a solid mass, I press on it and it has the firmness of a keloid. It is about the width of a dime and tall enough to be noticed as a dark red mass in contrast to my light brown skin. It is not jutting out per say but it looks like an elevated area as a hill with a low gradient would. Am I doomed to have this stuck on my face forever or is it just a temporary thing? Its not hurting at all and I can pinch it and it is firm. Actually there is the SLIGHTEST pain when i press it but nothing unbearable. I did not pop it, it was just a solid mass under my skin that isnt going away and that doesnt hurt. BTW I am prone to keloids. Last year my whole back was literally a cyst and I am left with 50-60 keloids ranging from the size of a tiny bead to the width of a dime. They were formed when they ruptured.


I encourage anyone who has had a similar experience to share and ideas as to what the fate of this cyst is going to be, and what treatments worked for you in the reduction and elimination of keloids.

Painful Cystic Acne On Back Interfering With Daily Life

02 March 2013 - 04:15 PM

Hello everyone,

I am new to this forum, apologies if I did something wrong here rolleyes.gif


I suffer from severe cystic acne on my face and back. The acne on my face has subsided for the most part (i dont know why) but when I used to have it my cysts would get so large that they would all join together and create one huge massive cyst on one or two cheeks. My face would look swollen and lopsided and it would be extremely painful if I were to press on it. 


Recently this acne has begun to cover my back, and my chest too. The one on my back would decrease my mobility with my arms bacause the acne would hurt if I were to stretch my arms out neutral.gif  Sometimes, my pals would slap me on the back (not knowing I had acne) out of affection or whatever and I would cringe in pain. The acne is so bad that I cannot rest on my back for activities like bench press or even lying down in bed. The acne on my chest would prevent me from lying down on my chest sometimes.


Lucky for me, the acne on the face didnt scar too much eusa_pray.gif. The story is different for my back, however. In the year that I have suffered with the acne on my back, huge red scars are present. 


I went to my doctor (I think he only saw the acne on my face) and he prescribed tretinoin and doxycycline. Ive stopped using doxy and

I believe I have developed resistance to it =(


Retin a, when applied to my back, makes the whole thing extremely itchy, and sometimes I can't sleep because of it. Ive just started using the tretinoin again in hopes that it will pay off in a few month's time.


Psychologically, I am not very affected rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif surprised.gif surprised.gif surprised.gif  but the acne can be super painful when I take a shower etc because it is extremely painful when I try to dry it with my towel. 


I am currently watching my diet, and I am taking omega 3 krill oil as an anti inflammatory agent


My shirts would be stained with pus, etc by the end of the day.


My grades might be getting worse due to acne due to the fact that I cant even rest my ba ck on the chair when I do my HW.


The physical pain caused by the cystic acne is excruciating! crazy.gif I have to keeps my arms and shoulders stiff when I walk, and I have to be careful that I dont bump into anything. I applaud you if you have taken the time to read this far hifive.gif hifive.gif hifive.gif

Suggestions/ treatments would be GREAT (I am absolutely NOT taking accutane). I am visiting my dermatologist in a few days.proud.gif