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Yes To Food! (Chemical To Natural)

01 March 2013 - 01:56 PM

First, a question. Has anyone ever made the switch from using harsh chemicals to more natural products?

What did your skin do, was there a reaction period? (I've read in some corners of the Net that there is this detox period or something)


I ask because I recently bought Yes To Tomatoes moisturizer for after cleansing and am in the freak-out stage because I've noticed a few new cyst-like zits on my chin. I was pleased however to see all of the ingredients are delicious sounding foods, and natural oils including jojoba. Though moisturizing in general does not help my oily skin any (might use as a night cream only), I'm thinking about going back to get the cleanser and maybe look for Yes To Grapefruit scrub with Vitamin C to help my dark spots.


I used to use 10% benzoyl peroxide, and even at max strength I still broke out pretty regularly.


Anything on your experience with all-natural products is appreciated guys.

Especially those of you with oily skin like moi :3