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Yesterday, 05:37 PM

Starting month 4


That pimple I had a month ago went away in less than 2 days. Things are still going along pretty smoothly. No more pimples since and my skin still feels perfectly balanced, not too dry, not too oily. I put some oil free moisturizer on in the morning after my shower. I went to California for some surfing and it was amazing not having to worry even once about my skin. 


Things to report:

dry peeling lips

every month after my period my skin gets kind of less smooth feeling with what I can only describe as slightly irritated/inflamed feeling in areas. Like some of my pores are attempting to do something but nothing is happening. This lasts for about a week or so then goes away. Very strange. I chalk it up to the accutane and whatever my skin is doing that time of the month with hormones. Its noticeable to no one but me.


Odd question - I am still having a GI issue (it started months before I started accutane, so it cannot be blamed on the tane) and if it doesnt clear up in another week the doc wants to do a colonoscopy. Can you have this done while on accutane?


5 Months to go until 150mg/kg!

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Yesterday, 06:43 AM

Based on your current weight of around 78 Kg you have gotten 100mg/kg cummulative dose. That's pretty close to your calculations...the cummulstive dose you need for remission is between 120-150, so you are definitely not there. I would get a second opinion or show your doc your calculations and make them do them. Accutane being dangerous for over 6 months is completely not true - my course is for 8 months. My doc actually wants me to do 10 months but I  am hitting 150mg/kg at month 8 so I'll probably stop there. My friend who is about to start is a large guy and his Derm told him his course will take over a year. The derms that are more up with the newer  studies and ways to prescribe accutane  are going with the longer-lower dose protocol. It all depends on your Derm. But yes I would say you are definitely not at the dose you need to be for remission.

In Topic: Accutane: Let's Do This (40 Mg/day Claravis)

28 September 2014 - 09:03 PM

If the side effects get to be too much or if your rash doesn't clear you could consider dropping your dose and extending your time. Not having any side effects besides the lips has made this pretty easy going for me and makes the long course totally tolerable. I'm entering month 4 now and have 5 months to go!

In Topic: Accutane: Let's Do This (40 Mg/day Claravis)

07 September 2014 - 06:33 PM

Well the pimple lasted all of one day....at the end of the day yesterday I took a shower after being at the pool and it was pretty much almost popping on its own. Today its a tiny pink scab, so I think in another few days the mark will be gone. That was pretty fast. I am hoping not to see anymore anytime soon. I still get occasional clogged pores, like maybe 1-2 a week, but they are really small. I suppose even Accutane can't prevent every single clogged pore. Moisturizers and sunscreen and other dust and sweat and crap probably just do that as part of normal skin functioning. My husband gets quite a few clogged pores all the time, but could care less about them. He also only washes his face in his morning shower and rarely ever gets a pimple. I've never even seen him use any kind of acne treatment/cream.


I am looking at a 8 month course because of my low dose, so around the 21st of this month I will be looking at 5 months left. I know, that sounds like a ton of time, but my only side effect is chapped lips. I am happy it will be that much  longer. I would like my skin to get a little more drier and to be sure my sebaceous glands have had plenty of time to shrink as I slowly get to the cumulative dose. Also...I am a little nervous to stop for fear of the oil etc. coming back. 


By digital prescription do you mean they send it to the pharmacy electronically? Do you normally take a paper yourself? I haven't had a paper prescription in a long time and the electronic is super fast. I literally walk out of the office and the pharmacy texts me to tell me they received my prescription. Last time I answered my ipledge questions on my phone in the car and then picked up my prescription 15 mins after my apt. 

In Topic: Low Dose Accutane - Journey To Finally Being Clear

06 September 2014 - 12:10 AM

2.5 months
I have my first pimple in almost 2 months...I guess it was bound to happen at some point. And it's not even that time of the month. I had a pimple on my shoulder blade a few days ago (which was my first pimple period in 2 months) so I guess they come in pairs (hoping not packs). It died in a day and a half. The face pimple is near my mouth..kind of halfway to my nose, and it's small but pink. Let's see what happens to face pimples while on accutane if I don't pick...I'm hoping this is just a random pimple and not some second breakout or something. My face has been spotless since week 2.

Anyone have any idea if you get off Spiro while on Accutane if you might breakout without the Spiro, even if the accutane should be taking care of all of it? I don't know what to expect without Spiro but it's been about 1.5 months now. That bloating I was getting while on it went away.