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Yesterday, 10:09 PM

Hoping you are able to get it. That's really annoying. I switched to a small private pharmacy for that reason. I hate walgreens and cvs. The big pharmacies will never lift a finger to help you because they don't care.

I have my 4 month checkup tomorrow. Wool half way through!  I'm going on a trip to Denver this weekend which Im kind of nervous about haven't been back since we moved and I have a lot of bad memories from CO. I'm hoping it'll be good for me. I have been having a bit of anxiety about it though...I had a tiny clogged pore on my cheek that I scratched at and caused a small red mark. I haven't done anything like that in months...so I know some anxiety is brewing. Otherwise face is great. Lips have been soooo dry lately. Oh yea...and I've been having these weird night terrors if I  take my pill at dinner. Pretty bizarre. You guys ever have any weird dreams on tane?

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10 October 2014 - 10:37 PM

I got a mosquito bite ON MY FOREHEAD. Awesome.

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03 October 2014 - 06:42 AM

Pimple lasted all of one day! These pimples sure clear fast on accutane...they do get pink though.

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01 October 2014 - 09:56 PM

Apparently I spoke too soon! Woke up with a pimple on the side of my chin this morning boo!

Second one since being clear on tane and it's almost exactly at the same time as last month...a few days after period stop. I thought PMS pimples were before not after!! ??

Well I guess if I get one pimple a month from now on I can live with that...I still have 5 months of tane so maybe it will still kill the monthly period pimple.

In Topic: Low Dose Accutane - Journey To Finally Being Clear

30 September 2014 - 05:37 PM

Starting month 4


That pimple I had a month ago went away in less than 2 days. Things are still going along pretty smoothly. No more pimples since and my skin still feels perfectly balanced, not too dry, not too oily. I put some oil free moisturizer on in the morning after my shower. I went to California for some surfing and it was amazing not having to worry even once about my skin. 


Things to report:

dry peeling lips

every month after my period my skin gets kind of less smooth feeling with what I can only describe as slightly irritated/inflamed feeling in areas. Like some of my pores are attempting to do something but nothing is happening. This lasts for about a week or so then goes away. Very strange. I chalk it up to the accutane and whatever my skin is doing that time of the month with hormones. Its noticeable to no one but me.


Odd question - I am still having a GI issue (it started months before I started accutane, so it cannot be blamed on the tane) and if it doesnt clear up in another week the doc wants to do a colonoscopy. Can you have this done while on accutane?


5 Months to go until 150mg/kg!