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Clear Skin After Ovulation / During Luteal Phase

27 December 2014 - 06:02 AM

My acne has gotten significantly better and I guess I could consider myself cleared, however, there is a pattern to my acne that has baffled me since it began at 14

Starting from my period my skin gets progressively worse, it becomes red, blotchy, rough, extremely oilly and pores are huge. Then, a day or two before ovulation I have a minor breakout.
But as soon as I have ovulated, the whole look and texture of my skin will clear up, my face glows and my pores seem to dissapear. The change is DRAMATIC and happens overnight once I have ovulated, this process repeats itself like clockwork every month.

This is confusing as to my understanding, most woman experience the complete opposite and for them the second half of their cycle is problematic?

I have been off bc for almost 4 years, my cycles always are and always have been regular, I eat and live clean and don't have any underlying hormonal problems as far as I know.
Does anyone else experience this? Or have any idea what this could indicate? As everything I read about treats it the other way round

Thanks :)


09 August 2014 - 02:50 PM


Accutane Obsessive Thoughts

24 February 2014 - 05:09 PM

First off I would like to say I have been self medicating with accutane for about 3 months, I have noticed minor improvements and all the typical side effects
I started on 10mg and am now at 50mg which is more than the recommended dose for my weight, I do not condem or encourage self medication without medical supervision but it would've been impossible or a very lengthy process for me to be put on accutane properly
I have done countless hours of research before and during treatment and as time has gone on I have noticed I have become almost obsessed with reading and further researching the drug, I have got into a habit of picking out and even looking for side effects as well as constantly thinking about the consequences I may experience later on in life
I see that some people have also dedicated their whole life it seems to accutane and its effects, writing articles, post, reports, cases and condsidering accutane has an effect on the brain and people's mental state I wonder if this obsessive thinking/behaviour is infact another side effect ?
I do have a history of mental illness and although I luckily have not experienced any symptoms of depression while on accutane I have definitely noticed changes in my concentration and pattern of thinking, but I feel as if I spend too much time worrying about what it is doing to my body
What does everyone else think? And what are your opinions of accutane and its effects on mental health?
Do you think some of the effects are maybe infact placebo as a result of Internet information and scare stories etc?

Accutane 10Mg Questions, Should I Higher My Dose?

21 January 2014 - 09:19 AM

Hi I've been taking accutane 10mg for just over two months for mild to moderate yet persistant acne i have had from the age of 13, I am 18 years old, female, and very small, 5 foot tall and 38kg
my skin has gotten progressively worse it is rough and blotchy with new acne emerging almost every day and lots of blackheads and comedones appearing. can anyone tell me when I should start to see improvements on this dose?
I am planning to up my dose to 20mg in a couple days, however I am scared of the side effects because although the breakouts I am getting at the moment are not cystic they are leaving me with horrible marks and scarring and my healing is dramaticalllyyy slowed down just on 10mg. Do you think upping my dose will help speed up the progress and start improving or make my breakouts worse?
Also, I have gotten this horrible rash all over the top of my arms and neck, which i believe is common. Can anyone recommend me and non prescription creams or anything to help with this?
Sorry for the overload of questions and any info is appreciated, thanks

Skin Clears Up After Stopping Bcp? Please Help

01 March 2013 - 10:40 AM

Hello smile.png

Basically I began getting mild acne at around age 12, I then went onto birth control at 13 and stayed on until i was 16 during this time i had reletively clear skin, at 16 i changed my bcp to yasmin and my skin begain to get worse i assumed it was my body getting used to it so i stuck with it for almost 2 years but continued to get worse so I decided to stop taking birth control as i was uncomfortable with putting hormones into my body for so long


For about 2-3 months after stopping bc I had flawless skin, not a single pimple, my blackhead and pores seemed to literally disspear, my skin tone evened out, skin was no longer dry or oily I did not have to wear makeup, it was like a miricle, i was so happy.

But then my skin slowly started getting worse again sad.png


My periods are very regular, always have been and i have stopped taking bc a couple times during all these years and the same thing happens, my skin becomes BEAUTIFUL then slowly goes downhill again. It has been over 6 months since i have stopped all bc and my skin still plays up, i am constantly battling clogged pores and breakouts roughly around the time I ovulate?

Soo i was wondering if someone could go back to basics and explain to me again how hormones flactuate and change during the cycle? and why my skin gets better then worse after bc rather than the opposite which seems to be the case with most other women?

Also, would either saw palmetto or agnus castus help in this situation?


Sorry for such a long description, any info or suggestions, anythingg would be helpful, thank you x