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My Journey. > Day Ninety With A Picture!

Posted 08 June 2013

So here I was under the impression my account got deleted.. -___________- It was up all along! D: So the two pictures on the left are day one, and the one on the right is day ninety. I am taking a six day break because my script is not filled quite yet, it takes forever usually... 

My Journey. > Still Haven't Figured It Out...

Posted 21 May 2013

So i'm 100% clear to where I have a freckle that I never knew I had hahaha. Even though I still have 2 more months after this course is done and I honestly cannot wait at all. aeehdwewg g dfdsfdhrfyhh xjshhhsHHQUH

My Journey. > I Lost Track

Posted 18 May 2013

It's been a minute since I've been on here! I've raised my dose with the ungodly expensive 30 mg. twice a day. If there is one recommendation I can make- Don't start this unless you have some money put away, or unless your insurance rocks because mine CLEARLY does not. -___- Anyways.  I'm dryer than I ever have been, my face isn't as red though,...

My Journey. > Day Fifty Five

Posted 23 April 2013

So my progress has officially plateaued... :( I'm excited for my next visit to the doctor because I would really like to be off of this stuff as soon as possible. It's such a hassle taking it and it's difficult being consistent with it. I'm doing well with my side effects (or lack therof) and I really couldn't complain except for the current situation hah...

My Journey. > Day Forty Four.

Posted 13 April 2013

So far so decent. I'm on the same dose as last month, so I'm quite positive that my progress has plateaued and I won't start seeing anything huge until I raise it to the 60 mg. a day that my doctor wanted me to do this month. My only complaints now are how dry I am (inside and out, I feel very dehydrated, granted, however, there is zeroooooo precipitation...