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Accutane > Pictures! (Finally)

Posted 08 June 2013

So as promised I have included a picture for y'all to see. The picture explains itself, that after just three out of five months since I've began treatment, this is currently where I stand. I am taking a break for about 6 days because I haven't gotten month four filled yet (it takes forever typically). These pictures are not edited, the flash was on for t...

Accutane > Day Ninety

Posted 07 June 2013

Who knows what happened to my last blog, it got deleted, which upsets me because I actually wanted to see my progress when I was done to give a grand review. Anyways... So here I am, just finishing day number 90. I feel great, my skin looks airbrushed, my blood work comes back great every time (surprising considering how horribly I eat). I've left my...