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One Year Or Longer Post Fractional Laser Treatment For Scars

27 February 2013 - 01:53 PM

I'm interested in a fractional treatment - laser or radio - using a non-ablative protocol.  American Laser Skincare actually has me pinned for a reply by tomorrow in order to claim the 40% off discount currently offered in my area - they use eMatrix to $450 per treatment.  A dermatologist that has a Palomar Starlux in her office charges $800 per treatment.  My appointment with her is in 4 months and I have not heard any of her recommendations.  I have decided against anything the industry has offered - except antibiotics and retinA - until now with the fractional lasers.  I have very light anglo saxon skin, so I do not NEED to choose radio in order to minimize coloration side effects.  My scars are box, pin, rolling etc - but not discolored.  I have been on many website and read many First treatment blogs that hardly ever went past the second or fourth treatment. 


If anyone is reading this, for me within 24 hours - or for others that are trying to find efficacy past one year post fourth (last) treatment, PLease reply with your opinions. 


Did the scars improve - what types of scars - by how much?

Did they improvement last past six months post last treatment?

Did you discover that you would need to continue with a new treatment every six months in order to maintain?