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Tristen420 > Internal Health Issues?

Posted 27 February 2014

Okay so I have for the most part gotten rid of my acne by just not stressing about it, I quit touching it quit looking at it and quit putting products on it. That's all fine and dandy, i'm actually extremely thankful I can say my skin being super nasty is in the past, but now something else comes on.

   I'm only 20 years old and I have shingles right now...

Tristen420 > Life Does Move On...

Posted 27 February 2014

Okay so I haven't been on here since last year, and there's a really good reason for that. I'm living my life. After sitting in my room for two years straight, I was so depressed about my life I decided to kill myself, that's right. I was actually going to do it, and I have never been suicidal, I wanted to live, just not the way I was living, because of a...