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In Topic: Does Anyone Else Feel Like This?

20 July 2013 - 04:37 AM

hiya, i used to have this problem aswell, id have to wear soo much makeup and id come to the point i couldnt count the amount of spots on my face and i'd refuse to leave the house and just look at how ugly i was, and think people would be so disgusted by me, but eventually i realised i ha to come to terms with it and i started going out with my friends more and i would make jokes about my spots to my close friends like "ugh i have so many spots i look like a pizza," and "how do you even still talk to me, if it were me id be scared my spots would jump off my face and kill you" and if your jokey about it and they just start to not even look at my spots anymore because its out in the open, they start to see the real beauty without the spots, because we all know its there and we can all openly talk about it, we no longer feel the need to look at them and we see past the acne, just thought id tell you this, i hope you get over this talk to me whenever xo