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Roaccutane > Day 102

Posted 04 June 2013

okay i havent posted in a long time wow, well im in my fourth month and since the last time i posted nothing has changed, in general my skin hasnt got any better or worse, except i got an accutane induced spot that was huge on my cheek but just became a massive lump (gross), it didnt bleed or pus didnt come out and it went away in like less than a week le...

Roaccutane > Day 78

Posted 10 May 2013

Hey! sorry i haven't updated in a loong time but that's because there haven't really been any changes at all in my skin, until recently ive had a small break out of pimples not like the cystic acne but i think thats mainly cause my exams have started and im stressing so badly, haha. ive recently had extreme dry skin on my face, like it peels off my f...

Roaccutane > Day 57

Posted 20 April 2013

i havent posted much recently because my skin hasnt chnaged very much in the past week, i have only one or two spots and scars i really want the scars to go away but i dont see that happening, ugh makes me so stressed. im like crater face omg does accutane realy help get rid of scars well?  well the only good thing is my hair doesnt get oil...

Roaccutane > Day 46

Posted 09 April 2013

Day 46 already, its gone really quickly tbh! First off i'll give you the names of the creams and topics the hospital have given me, which are brilliant I would definetly recommend them. The first cream I use is normally on any part of your body that seems slightly drier than the rest or peeling a bit, called Dermol Cream. Second one is Epaderm and comes i...

Roaccutane > Day 39

Posted 02 April 2013

ugh day 39, it's gone quite quickly surprisingly but i havent really seen a change in my skin, it still looks the exact same and red, i get less spots like only 1 or 2 but my skin still looks bad i have to wear quite abit makeup:/ im starting to get itchy again and if it gets as bad as before im actually going to cry, i couldnt sleep before it was so...