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#3334866 The Crazy Cost Of Accutane

Posted by KatNewby on 20 March 2013 - 01:24 PM

Thanks for the responses guys!


This has been a very difficult situation for me, and although I am sad that I'm not the only one who has had to deal with something like this (or experienced anxiety over the possibility of it), I am comforted to know that I'm not alone.


My only real line of defense at this point is to stress to my doctor the severity of my situation and hope that she will either help me get it worked out with insurance, or request a higher dose & shorter course (by doing this, I would need less monthly blood tests). I've figured out that if I did 3 more months at 80mg I would meet the 120mg/kg requirement for the whole course. My doctor seems fairly aggressive, so I'd be content with the situation if she would accept my idea and run my course this way.


Thanks for the story, whatthekell. I really really feel for you. I can't believe how much you had to spend. You were clearly very commited and I will certainly pray that you remain clear and happy.


And someclearday, Bluecross seems to be a fairly recognized and decent insurance company, so I think you should be fine. My insurance is pretty cut-rate and crappy. My dad told me that the whole "pre-existing condition" thing is no longer valid in healthcare because of the new Obama-care laws. I haven't verified this myself though, and I'm sure their are rules about it. When I get married in July I will switch to Bluecross under my Fiance, so luckily if I require a second course then I may have better coverage.