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Everyone Who's Saying That You Are Ugly In Some Way Are Actually...

16 March 2015 - 02:56 PM

all psychopaths. All of them. A reasonable, social person will notice that you have an issue with your skin, but they will never treat you as if you were a leprosy patient or as if you were suffering from a deadly, contagious cancer. You have to get them all out of your life. Every... single... one... of... them.

Has It "derailed" Your Life Socially And Mentally?

21 February 2013 - 05:41 PM



I'm 27, I've been bullied about it in the past and society deemed that I had to be put into social isolation because of my bad looks. I was the worst looking guy, so I had to be bullied and I had to be put in isolation. Don't bother saying that it wasn't because of the acne, because my experiences say otherwise.

I have never been able to make real friends and I haven't been going out from the age of 16 until 6 months ago when I decided that had to see a doctor about my problems, because I see people of my age getting children and I would like to have children as well within 10 years or so. It didn't really bother me before, but last year I realised that I actually had a depression when I talked to people about this. I never realised that I had a depression, because it was my normal state of mind. (and it still kinda is, but I'm "fighting" it with positive experiences these days).

I am finally meeting new people now and things are going better for me. It seems that people are now accepting me finally, but I have to pay money in order to see them and I would rather keep the money myself, but it is either this or back to hell again. The thing is that I have lived my entire life in the area I live in currently, but I have zero friends and I had otherwise no good contact with other people of my age. The doctor said that my acne was becoming less severe, but it was still severe enough that I have to at least get started with a Roaccutane treatment, because that was the bottom line for "realistic solutions".


Do any of you experienced something that I have experienced? (or rather have the severe lack of social experiences "normal looking" people have?)