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In Topic: Emotional And Psychological Causes Of Acne

26 September 2014 - 04:38 AM

From my experience I can tell that it is the other way around. I didn't care that much about acne until I noticed how much other people "cared" about my acne.

In Topic: How To Live Your Life Despite Acne?

25 September 2014 - 11:20 AM

i've struggled aggressively with acne for the last 12 years or so.

I have not given up on getting rid of my acne - I am still trying everything I can.

However, I have not had clear skin in a very long time and it is unlikely that is going to change very soon. 

I do research... I have lots of theories on how to clear my skin, and I am trying them systematically. What I need is advice on how to live with acne - how to not let acne control my life, how to not let it cause constant anxiety and depression, and how to be happy despite my skin.


I keep googling 'how to not let acne control my life' and 'how to live life despite bad skin' and things like that, but I just keep finding articles with amateur acne tips (like change your pillowcase every night - why did I not think of that?  ).


Does anybody have any advice or resources on how to live with acne?


Additionally, has anyone consulted some sort of psychologist about this issue? If so, was it helpful?

Those are the wrong questions to ask. What you should ask is "Why do I let acne control my life?". I have talked to a psychologist and now I am diagnosed with mental disorders.

In Topic: Just Blowing Off Steam..

25 September 2014 - 11:14 AM

is it sad that i rather sleep then be awake..?


the acne stole more then my face, my confidence, my personality, it stole my soul. ive dealt with acne for about 8 years. 21 now.. just recently cleared up about 90% and broke out all over again in the course of a year. But I'm back on meds so we'll see how that goes.


sometimes I stare at myself and pretend im looking at someone else.. i dont even see me in the mirror anymore. I just see acne. my entire life is dedicated to acne..


ive grown to have so much social anxiety sometimes I cant even pay attention when someones talking to me because all i can hear in my head is (your face your face your face your face) and look like an idiot.


Ive become very shy when I used to be the happiest person ever.


Acne is probably one of the most horrible things that ever happened to me and the " clear skins " really dont understand. I broke down to one of my homies once and all I got out of it was.. " its not even a big deal stop worrying about it it will go away "


Ive heard people say " damn if my face was that fucked up id keep it rapped up " or another one of my favorites " man he just looks dead"


I never had a problem getting girls, but as of right now I dont even want anyone to come within 5 feet of me so whats the point of trying to find another girl.


Going out into reality and having to see all the different people who you can sense are looking. laughing . pointing makes it impossible to be comfortable.


I've been asked if I was a meth head before... LIKE NO ASSHOLE I JUST HAVE BAD ACNE.


The only postive I can say ive gotten from acne is how its made me understand never to judge a book by its cover.


But the bad outways the good in this..


everyone else I see skin looks so good.. almost to have a glow to it.. and 3 pimples a year seems to be if anything all theyve ever had.


I've wish everyday that that was me.. But it's not.. so what am I really going to do?


cause if it ever does clear up.. this time the scars make me wanna wear a mask anyway..



Why do you think that other people think "your face your face your face"?

In Topic: Trying To Find Peace

25 September 2014 - 11:12 AM

These past few months have been so difficult for me emotionally. All kinds of feelings from anger at myself, confusion, why me, what can I do better, needing to be more positive but I cant, being anti social. Its my 3rd month on Accutane...I thought this drug was going to be my God sent to my strange breakout that I got several months ago...but im just covered in red marks, scars, and more cystic and whitehead acne everyday...wtf is wrong with me...im a grown woman to have severe acne like this and allow it to destroy my whole entire life. Sometimes I think ill never be able to be that confident sexy woman again that walked into a room and turned heads, what kind of boyfriend will I get now...some old ass man probably...I know I have to stop thinking negatively but honestly acne has changed me so much. it just kills me inside...and now even my hair is falling out. I just feel ruined.

I am a guy and I want to say that you are not ruined :)

You are not your skin and you are not your hair ;)

In Topic: People Point Out My Makeup

15 September 2014 - 04:29 AM


Get over it and stop whining about what other people say about you.

How the fuck is that going to solve her social problems?


People point out my acne and I don't get my feelings hurt over it. Don't let it hurt your socially, people will insult you.

Yes that is true, but it is the people that are doing that, not her. How is she going to make friends?