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In Topic: Are You A Bum Because Of Acne?

12 April 2014 - 03:54 AM

For me the acne leads to the mental issues.. 

No, it not the acne. I have become schizoid. That is worse than acne.. Any mental illness is worse than physical issues.

Not necessarily. In my case, acne lead to bullying. I never got rid of the social problems.

In Topic: Are You A Bum Because Of Acne?

11 April 2014 - 02:49 PM

No, it not the acne. I have become schizoid. That is worse than acne.. Any mental illness is worse than physical issues.

In Topic: Dating With This Face (Pics)

10 April 2014 - 06:29 AM

I'm sorry to hear this, Wishclean.   It's sometimes hard to gage things when we're not around  the actual person and able to observe the situation.  If he is as attractive as you say he is.. He probably as a lot of options out there..  He's may be just toying with your heart to get what he may really wants..   OR  It could be the complete opposite.. He may be busy and unable to establish contact or he doesn't want to come across as to clingy.   I had a friend that would just let the phone ring on a girl that was interested in him.   He would say, "now watch this".. and he would just let the phone ring and ring and ring..  He did this to build more of a desire from the other woman.   I can't remember if he actually picked up finally or he totally wouldn't return her phone call till late..


Anyways, I would give him the rest of this week...  If he hasn't made any calls by then.. I would either just forget about him and move on or I would do what Alexander recommended and just ask him upfront.   You deserve to have an answer and not have someone waste your time.  Of course, He may just be busy...  Who knows.. 


*HUGs*  Hang in there and don't forget to smile once and awhile.. 

You are right. I always assume the worst so that I won't be disappointed. I am a nice person, and yet guys always play games with me. I never play games. I will do what you suggested and give him until the end of the week. I have a feeling that I am his saturday filler because his friends are busy, so if he asks me out again I'm not sure I'll be able to say yes...especially if he's only seeing me because he has nothing better to do on Saturdays. Ugh. 


>I was hoping that this thread would have a beautiful ending.  What a dope.  You're a beautiful, smart, independent woman and that's going to scare some guys off.  Don't let it get to you.

I was hoping that too...I was updating the thread to give other people hope, but it seems that this won't turn out well. Story of my life. I don't know if I have the patience to date someone new after all this...it just feels like a big waste of time. 

On a positive note, these past few days I have been putting all my energy into helping people through my job, and it has been very rewarding. Sometimes I think that I'm not meant to be in a relationship because then I wouldn't be able to contribute anything positive to the world. Lame, I know.


I am already there. I just stopped caring. If you don't care, then you have no reason anymore to be sad and disappointed. It is not that I stopped talking to girls. It is more that I don't expect something more than that to happen anymore. If something more would happen, then it is pure coincidence.

In Topic: Dating With This Face (Pics)

09 April 2014 - 02:28 AM

Just to echo what a lot of people said, you are beautiful whether or not you have acne, scars, whatever.  Be proud of yourself for putting yourself out there and don't feel bad because things didn't work out - why be with someone who doesn't want to be with you, know what i mean.  We people with acne will always have insecurities about our skin but as someone once told me, bravery is being afraid of doing something and doing it anyway.  Take time to love yourself and try again.  I am insecure 24/7 and i hide it well - haven't even made an attempt to date in a while but i know that i won't find that special person sitting on my sofa. 


There is someone out there for everyone so don't give up


Good luck sistah and keep your head up

I am sorry, but I don't believe that. My experiences with people is in direct contradiction with what you said. It is not that someone doesn't like me. The reality is that no one likes me. If there would anyone out there that would like me, then chances are extremely small that I would find that out. I am actually focussing myself now on things that will absolutely get better as long as I put effort in it, like (volunteer) work.

Thanks everyone. You are putting things into perspective for me. Today I took a photo from the same angle in my bathroom, and my skin looks smoother (I am wearing CC cream as in the first pics, nothing different). It's really messing with my head....one day I look semi-normal, the next I look and feel deformed. It doesn't help that the guy hasn't texted me again in a few days, and even when I texted it took him hours to send back a text with no question or anything. So I gave up.  It's getting a bit weird.... I'm starting to feel like he is not that into me and/or playing games. If someone is really interested, they don't do this kind of sh*t, especially when we both said to each other (via texts of course, bc he doesn't have the nerve to do it in person) that we are attracted to each other. All his other interactions seem friendly, not romantic. I don't get men. 

I wouldn't play games. I don't even want to play games. I think it is best that you call him on that behaviour. Not directly, but more like, "You haven't responded to me in a few days. Are you busy? What are you doing?". Also, I don't judge people based on skin problems. I just don't.

In Topic: You Are All Extremely Beautiful!

23 March 2014 - 12:35 PM

I am going to bump this due to the negativity overload.