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Doxycycline Experience

13 March 2014 - 08:48 PM

During the first week taking it back in december of '13, I broke out near my mouth area; Luckily, it was during winter break. After that,  there were slight improvements. However on the second month taking it,  itve broke out on my jawline as well as my neck.. I never broken out in those areas before as much.. My face would look nice one day,  then the complete opposite the next day.

Next week would be my third month,  ive been experiencing tiny red bumps on my face... Now my forehead has from 3 bumps last month to freaking 9! Note: I haven't broken out on my forehead before taking it in a very long time. I've applied bp on it at night and Itd "look"  like its gone in the morning,  but once I get home from school and wash my face,  it'd magically appear again.  The bp doesn't help these bumps.... ugh, should I stop taking it???? Im afraid if the acne would become worst like people said, and it does seem to help my back acne then, but the process is slow.. also, it's that time of the month ...  

Allkids Healthcare

03 March 2013 - 05:45 PM

Is anyone here on AllKids Healthcare? Will it cover for the dermatologist visit and Accutane??