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In Topic: Does Detergent Effect Body Acne?

27 February 2013 - 09:45 PM

It was a huge factor for me. I found out I am allergic to sulfates (the stuff that makes soap sudd) and got bad breakouts all over. I now use all natural soap made from orange peels. I have fewer breakouts and less painful bumps. Some people really are sensitive to it, just remember that detergent takes up to 10 washes with clear water to come completely out of clothes and your washer and dryer could take longer to clear of it. I've also cut out wheat and gluten from having such a big role in my diet. I could never give up french bread or pasta. Keep track of your salt intake too and make sure you aren't using too much, if any, spray deoterants or "axe" type sprays since they can cause breakouts when you sweat. I'm allergic to those types of products myself and most people I know are sensitive to them, so they are used sparingly or not at all. Be careful how much fabric softener you're using as well as dryer sheets. Those also have chemicals in them that can cause breakouts.