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avery123's Blog > Oatmeal Cleanser

Posted 06 March 2013

Is using oatmeal as a cleanser twice a day good? I have oil acne prone skin. I mean so far its working great, i just want to know some more about oatmeal if anyone has any information please let me know!

avery123's Blog > Can Food Cause Acne Or Red Marks?

Posted 27 February 2013

Hey there so as ive mentioned before i have moderate acne but have lots of hyperpigmentation and i was wondering if any certain types of foods can be causing this. Should i go to a naturopath and have myself tested for any sensitivities or allergies? or if anyone has any more information on this topic it would be very helpful for me. Also sometimes when i...

avery123's Blog > Whats A Good Light Moisturizer

Posted 23 February 2013

Whats a good light moisturizer that someone with oil acne prone skin can use? Also should we moisturize and put on sunscreen everyday?

avery123's Blog > Hyperpigmentation/red Marks

Posted 22 February 2013

Hey people i need help im so confused as what to use for my face regimen. I use cetaphil  for.oily skin and wash my face twice a day i dont use any toners or mosturize my face at all i just use a skin ceuticals sunscreen. I have very sensitive skin and i try to stay away from anything harsh. Ive noticed my acne has improved a lot but my hyperpigmentation...