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Clear Face But Not Forhead Area

19 February 2013 - 09:31 PM

Attached File  Lol silly pinki 372.JPG   33.97K   52 downloadsAttached File  Lol silly pinki 373.JPG   70.25K   54 downloadsSo I have had clear skin up until 8th grade late summer. After comeing back from my home town to return to School and start a new school year I started breaking out. I pulled my bangs out of my face, ate a healthy diet, didnt touch my face for what ever reason.. Yet I still have these acne like bumps. They have yet to vanish for quite some time now... (about 6 months) I dont get acne as much on my cheeks but my forhead is like a mine feild of acne bumps and scars.... Any advice on how to vanish these bumps? Im useing the Regimen twice daily with BP on my forhead and yet nothing has vanished?

(Photo of what my forhead looks like) (I find it AWFUL to look at my face being discouraged and frustrated ALL THE TIME about it)