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Gay And Living With Body Nodular Acne

19 February 2013 - 03:35 PM

I am a gay 22 year old male. I've had nodular acne for about 10 years now. Its come to a point in my life now that it has become a hindrance for alot of things in my life. As a young gay male, you want to go out be seen and have fun...not as in being scandalous. I can't wear certain clothing out because it'll show what's covering my body. I have them on my chest, back, hips, and minimal on my neck and glutes. I can't help it but envy alot of the other gay guys :/ being able to be comfortable with yourself and love your skin. Not to mention I take care of myself...im a runner so I really love my physique, and im also a pescatarian. I don't date or give alot of guys chances only because i don't want them to have to deal with this...i already hate it so why burden someone else with it? I've tried Accutane before and that was a painful horrible experience. My skin was constantly flaky and dry, my organs hurt, i was always weak too...keep in mind i took Accutane when i was in high school, before i ever started running again and changing my diet. To me it wasn't worth it so i stopped taking the medications. As of right now i just deal with it and accept the fact that maybe I'll never find mister right. All in all, if there are other gays living with this traumatizing experience too...id like to chat with you and it would be a great help for others to understand.