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15 August 2014 - 09:32 AM

UPDATE!!!! One year on...


Hello so I have decided to post a few photos of my skin as it has been a year since I took my last dose of Roaccutane...


I have been very lucky with my skin in the past 12 months, I've had a couple of 'spots' in the basic sense but nothing cystic, which is what I suffered from before.


I am taking the combined contraceptive pill Yasmin to stave off the bad skin again - I'm not risking it, despite the side-effects - and using soap-free cleansers and no harsh chemicals because I have been getting quite bad dermatitis on my face around my nose and mouth. This was caused by my skin being very sensitive after taking Roaccutane, so this is a word of warning for anyone coming off the drug. I use an Avene moisturiser and the Aloe vera foaming face wash from the Body Shop once a day, and remove any heavy makeup with coconut oil


I also had problems with hair loss when I was taking the drugs, this has now rectified one year on and my hair is back to normal! My nails are still very weak but I can live with that.


Good luck to anyone else on the treatment, it is worth it :) xoxo

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25 August 2013 - 03:07 PM

Hey, thanks for sharing your story on the boards. 23 is a perfect age (in my opinion) to start Accutane, I was almost 23 when I started my five-month course, I think it's way easier to deal with once you're over the high school years. Have a look at my log if you like, might give you some tips and an idea of what to expect (plus I just posted a 'one month on' photo!). Good luck, you're in the right place. :)



In Topic: 22, Female, First Time On Accutane!

25 August 2013 - 03:00 PM

Also, just because I love products and maybe other people reading this do too, since stopping Roaccutane I've been using 'Nuxe' skincare which you can buy here and also in big Marks & Spencers... It's French and so gentle on skin, also smells beautiful. A night cream I use is 'Even Brighter' by Eucerin (Boots) but I think I will switch to Rosehip oil, because I've heard good things.

In Topic: 22, Female, First Time On Accutane!

28 July 2013 - 12:35 PM

One month on... (last post)


No spots smile.png beautiful clear skin. Good luck to everyone - you won't believe yourself when you look back at old photos pre-Roaccutane xxx


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In Topic: 22, Female, First Time On Accutane!

22 July 2013 - 11:16 AM



Guys, I'm done. 


Well, to be completely honest I had three days' worth of pills left, but I had a hangover from hell yesterday so I couldn't bring myself to take any more. We've been in the midst of a heatwave, and the combination of sun/sunburn/heatstroke/air-con/pollen has just made me say "GTFO, roaccutane". I would make the point to anyone who lives somewhere much hotter like Australia or the USA, I literally do not know how you all manage to cope taking this medication in any kind of heat/humidity. *claps*


So what have I discovered in the past five months? Here's a round-up:


• It is not worth worrying about scary side-effects, chances are you won't get them. But if you do get anything you can't deal with, for heaven's sake stop taking the pills.

• Drinking heavily is never a good idea, but don't deprive yourself (I usually drink a pint of water per alcoholic beverage on a night out, not kidding. My friends roll their eyes and go 'oh you with your water'...)

• One or two spots that pop up are nothing to worry about in the grand scheme of things. People get pimples from time to time. Compare your reflection to a photo of when you began treatment, and then decide which is worse.

• Roaccutane makes you bruise like a bitch, so try and avoid bumping into stuff/vaulting over 5ft metal barriers at speed:


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(Literally the size of a tennis ball)


• Kind of a given, but oh my god STAY OUT OF THE SUN. It's barely been 21ºc where I live but I am so, so flaky from the hour or so I spend walking home from work. Sun cream of ANY FACTOR will not protect your skin from burning!!!

• Twice-daily nasal irrigation with a saline spray is the best.

• Sometimes you bleed for no reason, like you might slice your hand open on a blade of long grass when you're walking through a field, and the red marks left do not go away for a long time. But they will eventually (so I'm told). Carry plasters.

• People do not understand how tough this medication is to take. They just do not get it. But please don't hate them for it. Hate them for never having acne and then giving you grief about why you can't do those shots of tequila, if you really must.


My skin is covered in tiny cuts at the moment, and it's still a little bit flaky/red from the sunburn last week, so I will post some final pictures this weekend when I will be going camping SANS SLAP*


Hope the above is useful to anyone reading up about starting the medication. It's really not that bad :)


*"Slap" is a British colloquialism for 'makeup', fyi.