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Post- Accutane Redness And Scars

27 March 2013 - 05:57 PM

Okay so i just got off of accutane about a month ago and i'm still clear. So i'm thankful for that, but i'm still very bothered with some of accutane's lingering side effects. The worst for me is the flushing and redness. Anytime i get a little bit embarrassed, nervous, or even talk to someone i usually don't my face  starts to flush and i start sweating all over my body, within a couple of minutes i'm red as can be and in extreme discomfort as my whole body begins to be inflicted by pain because of my sweat and dry skin combination. So my question to you guys is how much longer am i going to have to put up with these side effects???? I mean every time i go into the sun my face becomes red within a couple of minutes despite the use of spf 50 sunblock. Its really embarrasing and i would like to know when my face will go back to normal? 



Accutane 120 Mg!

16 February 2013 - 11:09 PM

Okay so I've been on accutane for 5 and a half months. The first month i was on 40 mg everyday and by the end was starting to clear up, for the next two months my doctor bumped me up to 60 mg , and by month 4 i was on 80 mg, for months 4 and half of five i was very clear and was stoked on my accutane and how it was working, however by the end of month 5 i went on an overseas trip for a week and unfortunately missed out on two weeks of dosage, i didn't breakout too bad but my moderate acne had came back :( so at my next trip to the derm she decided to put me on 120 mg everyday,  and im positive that , that is an intense dosage especially since im only 5'9 and 140 pounds! im pretty sure that's twice the maximum dosage for me! but my acne has cleared up again despite a small breakout which i think was a result of the upped dosage, so my biggest concern here is whether or not the acne will come back as soon as i finish my 6th month! i mean i didn't put up with hell and have been a fuckin vampire for the last 5 months and conjured up some depressing thoughts just for my acne to come back as soon as i get off it!  please can someone give me their opinions on whether my acne will return? or what factors contribute to the possibility of it coming back? I'm 15 , if that's a contributing factor I'm still  unsure.