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Does This Happen To Anyone Else?

12 April 2014 - 10:08 PM

people here claim how much oily thier skin is, but if thier problem is just that thier skin is getting oily because of that they are very lucky in my mind.


the oiliness itself is nothing. sure, my skin is so oily that even when i took accutane i almost never used moistorizer. im so oily that my blocked pores has blocked pores.

people ask me if im sick or i just ran or did some sport.


but to me it also causes by far the worst thing that can happen to a person - my insane oilness causses these small hard white pointy clusters of sebum to very slowly emerge from my skin on my nose and cheeks, i can either pull it out or wait some monthes for it to be released on its own, but the result with be the same: a scar and another one will soon enough grow again and makes things even worse... to no end.


i hope you dont need me explaining what happens to somebodys face after several years of this or why its the worst thing that can happen to a person.


im starting to think im the only one having this because ive seen alot of people with acne and never seen them with that shitty thing, but maybe they had it in a much smaller scale, like only little on the nose and not alot all over the nose and cheeks so i didnt notice.


so, does anyone else have this thing? and is there anything can be done about it?( im pretty damn sure no, cuz i tried everything )

Will Tretinoin Be Effective?

17 December 2013 - 12:55 AM

hi there, my main problem is that i have very oily skin (especially nose and forehead), lots of blocked pores and blackheads.

im gonna try start using tretinoin and i wanted to know from people here - how effective is it for dealing with extreme oily skin,blackheads,blocked pores?

i will try it just on my nose where its worst and maybe later on ill put it on more areas..


ive been told it acts kinda like accutane but locally on the skin where i put it, is that really a good description for it?

How Can Jojoba Oil And Other Oils Even Work?

27 October 2013 - 06:20 PM

i have very oily skin (especially nose and forehead) and i tried jojoba oil and it sucked cuz all it did it is to make me break out..


the thing is, i wanna know how the hell people with oily skin reported it makes thier skin less oily? it makes no sense so i wonder if its not total bullshit.


the usual claim is that it makes the skin less oily since its similar to the sebum from our body then it causes the body to produce less sebum, but that claim is completly absurd and heres why:


if having a sebum-like substance (like jojoba oil) on my skin makes my skin less oily, why then, having plenty of 100% exactly original sebum that should suit better (since its 100% match) as a result of the skin being very oily in the first place doesnt make the skin less oily?


we know that it doesnt work cuz all of us poor bastards with oily skin would quickly get thier skin to be less and less oily, and that doesnt happen of course.

I Hate Everything

24 October 2013 - 06:57 PM

i hate everything and everyone. im so tierd of living like this. im  a 21 years old man and i hate my life.

i basicly stopped living ever since i was around 13 yo when i started having acne. needless to say im a virgin and never had a gf. had a few chances with girls that i probally blew since i was so clueless and insecure. nowdays when i see a hot girl all i can think of is how lucky this bitch is for having good genes and live such an easy life.

i barely have the motivation to write this dumb pointless post.

i hate my family i hate my parents, at thier early 60's , 2 old stupid bastards, and i wonder who the hell let them pass thier horrible genes.

i hate and envy my brother who is 2 years older than me and suffered alot less acne than me and no scars, even though he ate alot less healthier than me and i guess its because he probally got more of my dad's genes regarding the skin , since i suspect the big acne carrier is my mom.


i look around at people and i envy them so much.. they can actually live thier lives as free people, not as prisoners in thier own bodies ..

i look at my face through a mirror in the morning sun and i wonder how the hell did i get so fucked.

i honestly think there is no point in living when 99.99% of ur life is rich is so much negative. i can honestly say that if i had a gun right now i would rid myself of this horrible existence. a few years ago i had the chance when i was in the army (idf conscription) and had an m16 and a few clips during the time i was suppost to guard shit, now i regret i didnt use that chance.. back then i somehow convinced myself thing will be better but now i know it only got worse. it didnt take long for them to release me from the army due to my ever growing depression, now i am suppost to justify myself to most people who will judge me and ask me of this abnormal early release if the topic pops out.


i am sick of trying to pretend theres nothing wrong with how things are and that i can function without any problems when talking to people or studying in the university (im 3rd year physics).

everything is so pointless, ive lost interest in everything, nothing matters when ur forced to live a life of pain and misery.

it only takes one look at myself in a shiny bright light like the morning sun for me to dwell hours on how to cease my never-ending nightmare.


i'm not even sure what type of acne im suffering from since i have never seen it in others and its pretty damn hard for me to describe it right in english. theres the "normal" part of my acne which is my insanely oily skin on the face(especially the nose and forehead) and  "acne vulgaris" on the chest, back shoulder and face.. but the "abnormal" part is the fact i barely get any redness on my face so the vast majority of all my acne on the face is white with barely any redness, i barely ever get redmarks on my face but i sadly i get alot of real scars,  the most horrible and disturbing part of my acne is that im getting these white small pointy stiff things, they arent like whiteheads ive seen in pictures,they look different, they are popping out of my skin mainy on my nose the the area of the cheeks that is close to the nose and no matter how good i will try take care of them and not touch them, they will eventually somehow fall off and leave a deep small pickaxe like scar, and theres a good chance soon enough a new one of these will pop out in the same spot and continue the legacy of disfiguring my face. this is the main cause of the scars on my face  (though i have other bigger scars on my cheeks). when i was on accutane these white stuff were popping out and eventually fell, leaving alot of small deep holes on my face, but eventually got filled in new ones, and ive never seen this sort of things in others. ive also gotten a few bizzare scars that i cant explain on my nose, one which is like a dark brown small flat spot on my skin (different from the natrual thing, its brighter and less organized in its shape) that is very noticiable, and another is like a half sphere that is popping out of the skin and has the same color of the skin, i once thought its a weird pimple that will go away eventually but i have it for years now.


i would like to know what the hell are the abnormal white stuff on my face, and also maybe explain these abnormal scars.


 guess this is what true despair feels like, and no matter what you do you know you are doomed to suffer.

to treat my acne ive tried everything: tropical creams, solutions, antibiotics and accutane. i also tried the natrual holistic approach and it barely did anything expect of robbing me of what little money and hope ive had.

the only thing that "helped" is acctane especially in the areas that are not the face (shoulders,back,chest,arms) but i can feel how its slowly coming back. for my face i acutally feel it made things worse.


i know that even by some miracle (that is never ever going to happen) i would be completly cured from acne , i would still have horrible deep scars on my face for the rest of my life.


i hate my horrible genes, and this stupid shitty rock called "earth" giving birth to my suffering. i honestly wouldnt mind if the sun swallowed the earth right now in fact i would like that to happen.


not sure how much longer i will last. this post is written like shit and i wouldnt be surprised if no1 bothered reading this crap.