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In Topic: Does This Happen To Anyone Else?

06 May 2014 - 10:58 AM

i guess i expected to much from this forum to get a reply. worthless forum.

In Topic: Oily Forehead: Weather Related?

12 April 2014 - 10:21 PM

i havnt noticed any difference in oiliness between summer and winter but that could be because the winter here isnt much of a real winter or that the difference is to small relative to the insane amount of oiliness..

In Topic: Newly Discovered Secret To Clear Skin (And Great Health)!

27 March 2014 - 03:43 PM

The quality of your skin is a reflection of not only the genes which you inherited(uncontrolable) but also of the condition of your inner organs like your liver, colon, heart, etc(controlable, although to an extent of course). We all know that trying to fix your problem skin with topicals like benzoyle peroxide or special soaps will never get to the route of the problem; If we believed that, then we wouldn't be here in the "diet and holistic health" section of this board. LOL. 


What you eat/drink has great impact on your body/mind. Eating/drinking healthy raw living foods will undoubtedly improve the quality of your inner organs which will in turn improve the quality of your skin. How much improvements varies from person to person, depending on genetic makeup, how your body responds, and what kinds of foods you consume and how often. This seems obvious.


I love my meat! lol I eat chicken almost everyday. Steak or beef once a week or every 2 weeks and fish around there too. I like to have a "reward" day once a week, usually on a fri, sat, or sun where I eat a piece of cheescake, or a brownie, or icecream, or something yummy. This might seem difficult but, like I said, I am on a health kick and I am practicing discipline. Without discipline, I get pretty lazy. Ultimately, if may take this a bit further/deeper, I believe in a final "achievement" where discipline becomes the norm and you function regularly from a place of attentiveness, awareness, focus, discipline all while being grounded in a deep relaxation/peace/ease. It's all a practice, in my eyes. and it's fun, not a torture. 


ok, I'll stop here

u think i havnt tried this diet crap? i actually found out that no matter what my diet is, fresh wheatgrass juice or junkfood, my skin stays the same. insanely oily and with nasty clogged pores. im not lucky enough that my skin will be fixed by eating 'healthy'.. hell its not even doing anything.


but u know what? im so desperate and hopeless that im actually gonna try soon a water fast of atleast 2 weeks just to see if it makes any difference and there is something out there that could help me. but i have no hope.


good luck with ur diet..

In Topic: Clear Skin Or 100 Million Dollars?

27 March 2014 - 03:33 PM


I could help a lot of people and animals with that money. That matters more to me than my skin.

i bet ur acne isnt that bad if ur saying that. no1 is that good.


I take more pride in helping others than personal appearance. But that isn't to say a portion of that money wouldn't go to clearing my skin! smile.png

busted. so u are human. but i think people with bad tendency to acne/blocked pores/oily skin due to crappy genetics will barely benefit from the money (if at all) because it wont help. not to mention the scarring. so if u think money will help u, u must be one of the lucky ones.


if i would ever decide money over clear skin its not because it will help me get my skin better, its because it can make up for it in other means by improving the quality of my life.

but this is all a silly fantasy anyway... clear skin or 100kk $.. yeah right. i was unlucky enough to get to where i am now, and sadly my luck isnt going to change.

In Topic: Being A Virgin...

16 March 2014 - 04:57 PM


Also I think it's interesting how we seem to have different preferences when it comes to relationships. Some say that they want a partner who also has acne, because he/she can better understand what we're going through. But I wouldn't want to have a partner who has acne. I want somebody with clear skin.

Whenever I see a couple where both have acne it really upsets me, because I think "They are only together because they weren't good enough for somebody who didn't have acne." And whenever I see a couple where one of them has acne and the other one hasn't, it makes me really happy. That's why I want somebody with clear skin.

just wondering, some1 who has no active acne but has acne scars - ur still gonna reject?

and btw i think ur abit of a hypocrate. u judge people with acne as if they are lesser beings, and ur actually one of those people! its horrible.



I don't know if I'm a hypocrite but I am for sure an incredibly insecure person with a low self esteem. I'm convinced that I can never have a boyfriend, because I'm too ugly because of acne. I think that I can never be good enough for someone with clear skin. So if someone with acne liked me I would think "he only likes me because he's not good enough for girls with clear skin and that's why he's turning to me" Kinda like a backup. But I want to have the reassurance that somebody wants to be with me even though he could have been with other girls, if he wanted. I need to know that he really likes me for me and that I'm not just second choice. And (in my mind) people with clear skin can give me that feeling because they could be with other people if they wanted to. Maybe I can move past this one day and be a better person. Sorry!

dont be sorry, ur buisness is ur buisness. but u should know that people has many things to offer expect thier looks.

so do u really believe u have nothing to offer expect ur looks?

and also, i dont think theres many guys whos just gonna date u as 'backup'. that can happen if they just wanna get some, but if its a relationship, why would they date some1 they dont like? even if its the worst case like u think that somebody initially chose u as 'backup', this relationship can still develop to be something good. u just never know.