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In Topic: Man Eats Nothing But Raw Meat For 5 Years

04 October 2013 - 04:21 AM

Thats crazy, really.

Evolved! we are evolved!

In Topic: Comedogenic Or Not?

30 September 2013 - 04:07 AM

Don't use, it hasthe zinc oxide I've learned is actually awful for acne. It cause those horrible deep painful cysts

zinc is actually good for acne.

you can use the search bar to visit more threads on how physical sunblock (non nano-size ones) that has helped many.

i am unsure where you have come across that information but if you can share the source, would be helpful.

also, do you have any experience?

In Topic: Skin Update!

17 September 2013 - 12:46 AM

do u try spot concealer?

In Topic: Skin Update!

14 September 2013 - 12:48 AM

you look great!

don't worry about the marks which are hardly visible !


In Topic: How ya feelin' about your acne today?

13 September 2013 - 11:48 AM

Today wasn't a great skin day - really bad flaky skin around my mouth that just got worse when I smiled, spoke or ate... I have a few breakouts but it's the dry skin that has been annoying me.


But today was great because I was offered a job! biggrin.png I've been searching for work for a really long time so it's so great to have something now!


Hope you're all doing well.

congratulations lily!

i'm happy for you.i'll pray this good luck stays with you forever & you feel great skin wise as well.





Clarisonic is working really well at getting all the makeup and dead skin off; it lets me wear makeup so that I can cover up those scars! I just wish my hair still wasn't falling out... :/

Hey everyone I'm new to acne.org but I'm loving all the information and this website overall. So a little about myself I'm 23 and my whole life and never suffered from acne but when I turned 21 I had a serious breakout for like a couple months but it cleared then two months ago it went from little breaks out to moderate/severe acne (mainly little bumps everywhere) and lots of redness I am more self conscious than ever, my self esteem is so low, I feel ugly now because I felt my face was one of my good qualities even though that sounds conceited. I am a full time nursing student so I have to go to class and work with patients mon-fri which I dread because I feel like everyone is just staring at my acne and not into my eyes and on weekend I stay home to let my skin breathe and so I can hide from the world because I feel so ugly. So basically everyday I just hate my face, my skin, I hate looking in the mirror nowadays. Can anyone relate? I'm so depressed over this I don't know how to cope if I can chose to never go out I would. Thanks for listening have a blessed day.

Welcome! I'm 21 and I've had acne since the age of 13, on and off.  We all understand how you feel. My cheeks used to be the favorite part of my face, because they were cute and just made my face. I got cystic acne there when I was 19, which cleared up after going to the dermatologist. After that, I started struggling with non-cystic acne that ironically, scarred my cheeks a lot worse than my cystic acne.  So, those pretty little cheeks that made me look youthfully radiant are gone sad.png  Acne is a really hard disease to cope with, because your face is what you present to people. I think few people with acne don't feel self conscious about it.  It's also so hard to feel like you can't control your own appearance, that you are literally incapable of showing your best face to the world.


Do try to focus on the other good things in your life/your assets. And, don't let acne stop you from living your life -- have fun on the weekends -- it will help reduce stress and help you cope with your acne, I promise!  We've all sat at home because of our skin, and it's tough, but you just can't do that. When you see how much your friends enjoy being around you, it will boost your confidence. 


In some ways, acne is a blessing. You learn to define yourself by things other than your appearance. You learn to ground your confidence in really substantial things. That's what I've learned from my acne. You'll have bad days, but we'll be here to support you!


Also, have you been to the dermatologist? Honestly, without Tazorac, my cystic acne would still be blooming. That stuff was painful. The derm can help and Dan's regimen is really effective for non-cystic acne! 

are you trying anything for your hair-fall?

did you figure out what the main cause is? hormonal? (i remember reading somewhere that the results you got were normal, but i'm sorry i've not been regular here so i've lost track!)

i am having bad hair-fall too(for a few weeks now) & i consulted my mum's homeopathic doctor.

he's suggested me a lotion(hair tonic) that helps, i'm unsure since i can't try one right now.(schedule!)

you can try mintop (5%), and see if that helps.

it doesn't stop hairfall for everyone but definitely helps grow new ones faster.


i'll talk to that doc once again for myself & put up if i find any help.

hope you find some solution soon!