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Frustrated - Why Do Some Have It So Easy?

14 February 2013 - 03:34 PM

Background history:

I've had acne since I was 16 and was not able to visit a dermatologist until the age of 18. When I was younger my acne was normal and then had mutated into cysts as I got older. My dermo has put me on or had me use the following products/prescriptions: differin, amoxicillin, minocycline, birth control and have had at least 100 cortisone shots to my face and in one rare case had one burned off.These products work for a while but my cysts still persist. My dermo wanted to prescribe me an accutane like drug and was all signed up for iPledge but he changed his mind before he actually wrote the prescription telling me that my acne looked better and I would not need it. He told me the time before that, 'If you were my child I would have put you on this years ago.' 


Fast forward four years. I am now 28. I no longer see my dermo and only use a salicylic acid wash on my face. I still have persistent cysts in my "I" zone. (rather than "T" zone) I was thinking of going into my doctor and demanding him put me on the accutane like drugs and get this over with. Many of my friends and even my older sister has had luck with this drug. I have tried many OTCs with no success. I consider my case a moderate form of acne. (less than 50% of my face)



What I want to know is if anyone has had any luck with light or lazer therapy? Any other new long term solutions to acne other than vitamin A like drugs? OTCs?


I am looking for long term solutions. I feel as if my dermo is jerking me around and only wants my insurance money for injecting cortisone shots in my face and placing me on and off of antibiotics. It's strange because he's highly respected and sought after dermo.


Someday I would like to wash my face without it hurting or feeling scabs and bumps. sad.png


Any help would be greatly appreciated.