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#3429506 Depressed

Posted by ThisSiteSucks on 01 May 2014 - 07:54 AM

Here to shed a little light!


Your skin does NOT look bad. I have similar scars myself, actually. And people dont tend to mind. Honestly they might not even notice. I like to think it's becuase they're just too busy soaking in all my positive vibes. biggrin.png


I can tell you from experience. I've always been a little insecure about my skin (alot of times when I shouldnt havent been, looking back now) but I just recently aquired pitted scars and it took a huge toll on me for a while and even still, I have some bad days.. It was when I discovered that quality people actually dont care about these things and see past them fairly quickly that I found true beauty in not only myself but in life.


I once met a guy who had scars covering his ENTIRE face. Redness, pitting, even some dormant cysts. But oh boy, did he have the bluest eyes I'd ever seen rolleyes.gif Not to mention his presense. He had a sense of integrity about himself that's rather hard to put into words but undeniably attractive. Sure I've dated some 10/10 guys and they're so full of themselves, you can't even bring yourself to be at peace with being in a relationship with them. Even the stuff they talk about is... superficial. And their presense? Uncomfortable.


I honestly know how you feel. It's almost a sense of losing your identity. But you have just two options, tap into pity or pride. It's harsh, I know. And i was on that pity train for a while. But I finally decided to make the most of it and I've been polishing up all of the other areas in my life that ARE within my control. And I'm acheieving a better me than I ever could've imagined, had this never happened to me.



There truly is beauty in the breaking. You just have to find it in yourself. Good luck on your journey!

#3336336 Update On Scars; Crying & Feeling Disfigured

Posted by ThisSiteSucks on 26 March 2013 - 10:58 AM

I completely understand what you’re going through. Honestly, to that last detail. My photos do no justice on how severe my scarring is. So while I apologize that you’re going through this, I also wanna give you props for being brave enough to expose you’re insecurities. In my opinion, that’s the first step. Healing can begin tongue.png


From girl to girl, I can relate. People tell me constantly that I’m very pretty despite my scars, that my personality outshines any physical flaw, that they’re really not that bad. I’ve heard it all.  And our initial response is to think they’re lying to make us feel better, or maybe they just want us to shut up about it, but please know that you’re not alone in this. EVERYONE is struggling with a mind set that says “ I’m just not good enough” Or pretty enough,  skinny enough, tall enough, PERFECT enough. And


Once again, I’m so sorry that you’re having to get past this hurdle. But my advice to you is what I’m telling myself day in and day out. Play the hand you’re dealt. So what? You’re flawed. But aren’t we all? Life is happening right now and we’re obsessed over our skin and perfection and what society thinks about us. Take a stand today- “ I will love myself unconditionally.”


And remember you’re defined as a package made up of features. You’re not definied by your “flawed” feature alone. You are good enough wink.png